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Looking For More Great People.

by Gerry G, posted Aug 28th 2014

With our recent expansion we are looking to add an Account Executive (Business Development) to the CREATACOR team.

If you are or know of any sharp, proven, honest, hard working, energetic, creative, team players looking for a great long term place to call home... see the job description below.

CREATACOR Account Executive position:

The primary function of the Account Executive is generating new business accounts and once the relationship is developed, maintaining these accounts.

Responsibilities include:

• Developing new sales opportunities
• Generating sales to exceed goals
• Interpreting Client needs and developing creative custom solutions (essential)
• Presenting concepts, ideas and budgets to the Client
• Preparing contracts
• Maintain customer relationships and retention
• Working with colleagues to devise a plan that meets the client's requirements and budget
• Handling budgets, managing campaign costs and invoicing clients
• Follow-up and resolve customer complaints, warranty issues and collections when necessary
• Travel to show-sites and meetings

Desired Skills and Experience:

• At least three years of proven sales experience in the Trade Show industry
• Track record of soliciting new business, expanding existing business, and maintaining accounts
• Associates degree • Experience delivering professional sales presentations
• Experienced traveler

Reporting to: VP, Client Services

Please send a cover letter with resume to jobs@creatacor.com for review.

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Giving Back.

by Tom L, posted Aug 20th 2014

As our daily lives become busier and busier both at home and at work, we often don't take the time to stop and count our blessings. Today I want to take a moment of your time to talk about something we've been working on behind the scenes, which will allow you and CREATACOR to share our good fortune with those who need our help.

"Team CREATACOR" will be participating in a 5K walk sponsored by the American Cancer Society called: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The event will take place on Sunday, October 19, 2014 at the Washington Park Parade Grounds in Albany. A committee has been formed to organize our participation. Committee members include: Linda Casimano, Moira Driscoll, Jerremy Jones, Courtney Spiak, and Todd Teal.

We envision a large CREATACOR team of walkers clad with CREATACOR Green t-shirts with pink event graphics designed specifically for this event. It promises to be both rewarding and fun for all. We hope we can count on your participation. Stay tuned... more info to come in the coming weeks.


If you'd like to join our team and walk with us or if you'd like to make a donation, please visit our Team CREATACOR page and click the "JOIN OUR TEAM" or "DONATE NOW" button. A "Team CREATACOR" t-shirt will be available to all walkers while supplies last. Help us fight this terrible disease by donating to Team CREATACOR.

Thank you!

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Largest Presence Ever For LEGO At San Diego Comic-Con.

by Rich H, posted Jul 25th 2014

CREATACOR & LEGO teamed up to produce an awesome LEGO booth for San Diego Comic-Con which opened with Preview Night on Wednesday:

LEGO At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

The booth celebrates LEGO's largest Comic-Con presence ever with life-sized LEGO models, reveals of 2015 LEGO building sets, and giant "Brick Pile" tables for attendees to build their own LEGO creations:

LEGO At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

LEGO At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

LEGO At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

LEGO At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

The booth also features a giant video wall, a fully stocked store run by the LEGOLAND team and LEGO "Graffiti" walls for attendees to build their own LEGO art creations:

LEGO At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

LEGO At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

LEGO At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

All the details are in this LEGO press release.

More images will be posted in this Flickr album.

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The Tree Of Life.

by Amy B, posted Jul 10th 2014

CREATACOR recently had the opportunity to create a very special display. On June 5th, the "Tree of Life" display was revealed for all to see in the entry level of Albany Medical Center's Patient Pavilion.

The Tree Of Life at The Albany Medical Center

In late winter, Pressman Design, who had partnered with Albany Med, came to CREATACOR with the idea of designing a display to honor organ donors. Account executive Tim Lemery partnered with both organizations to conceptualize and create the perfect display for this very special purpose.

The Tree Of Life at The Albany Medical Center

The display features glass ornaments etched with the names of those who became organ donors in 2013. Ornaments that are in the shape of butterflies are in remembrance of children who became donors. Butterflies are recognized as a symbol of change, new life and hope and often associated with donation. Next year, these ornaments will be given to family members of the donors and new ornaments will be created and hung honoring the current year's donors.

The Tree Of Life at The Albany Medical Center

According to Albany Medical Center, the display currently recognizes 24 people who saved the lives of 64 others and through the gift of tissue donations, countless others. Account executive Tim Lemery says, "It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of people to create this very special and meaningful display. By recognizing those who gave the gift of life, this display will bring hope and joy to countless people for years to come. I'm very proud to have been a part of this project."

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Surrounding Summer Sounds.

by Jeremiah P, posted Jul 8th 2014

Summer is here and one of the best spots to enjoy the Great Northeast weather is Tanglewood, which has been the home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra since 1937.

CREATACOR had the great opportunity to partner with Specialized Audio Visual Inc. to fabricate speaker enclosures for the new D&B V-8 speaker arrays they were installing. We had the challenge to come up with custom fabricated enclosures that will stand up to the weather in the Berkshires while blending into the scenery of Tanglewood and not taking away from the sound of the new speaker arrays.

CREATACOR partners with Specialized Audio Visual Inc. to fabricate speaker enclosures for the new D&B V-8 speaker arrays

After some R&D to perfect the hanging angle and sound tests, the finished speakers and enclosures were installed and unveiled on Saturday, June 28th for A Prairie Home Companion.

CREATACOR partners with Specialized Audio Visual Inc. to fabricate speaker enclosures for the new D&B V-8 speaker arrays

CREATACOR partners with Specialized Audio Visual Inc. to fabricate speaker enclosures for the new D&B V-8 speaker arrays

CREATACOR partners with Specialized Audio Visual Inc. to fabricate speaker enclosures for the new D&B V-8 speaker arrays

It was a fun project to work on due to the complexity of what we needed to accomplish in a single design. Plus, it received the approval from my Mom, who has been going to Tanglewood for years.

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Indeed At CIPD London.

by Courtney S, posted Jun 26th 2014

CREATACOR is wrapping up a project with Indeed at the CIPD Conference in London. This marks the seventh international show that we've partnered on, providing turnkey solutions from design to logistics. Indeed relies on CREATACOR to manage services for their international program due to the ease of communications and leverage of global partnerships.

New designs are created for each event based on client requirements. At CIPD, Indeed decided to shake things up by having an ice cream cart in the booth. There were also new graphics, video content, and we added a backlit logo on the tower to make the brand stand out across the show floor. These tweaks have made this the sharpest looking booth to date!

Indeed at CIPD in London.

Indeed at CIPD in London.

Tabitha from Indeed emailed us from the show floor to say "The booth came out great!! And we've received a ton of compliments."

Cheers for now!

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The LEGO KidsFest 2014 Tour.

by Baker PR, posted Jun 17th 2014

In February, LEGO KidsFest 2014 hit the road with six scheduled stops in the U.S. and one event in Canada. Next on the road trip is the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA June 27-29.

CREATACOR was featured in LEGO Club TV Season 4 Episode 17 Behind the Bricks highlighting the making of LEGO KidsFest 2014 Tour. The LEGO Club TV film crew paid CREATACOR a visit and interviewed account executive Rich Henaghan about the six to eight week design and fabrication process. Additionally, the crew videotaped the LEGO KidsFest displays constructed at CREATACOR starting with the Star Wars Yoda Chronicles booth.

"It gives us great satisfaction and enjoyment to work with LEGO's design team to create a kid-friendly, interactive display that is safe, can easily be set up and torn down quickly and moved to the next location," said Henaghan.

LEGO KidsFest 2014 Tour concludes in Indianapolis, IN in November - but always look for another one to be added as the popularity of the event has a list of cities hoping to be added to the tour. The giant, traveling KidsFest spans more than three acres of space and brings all of the creative hands-on, minds-on fun of LEGO building and experiences together in an activity and entertainment-packed event for all ages and builders of all skills. Five sessions are held at each tour stop.

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Opening Day At LIGHTFAIR International 2014.

by Will F, posted Jun 4th 2014

LIGHTFAIR International opened today in Las Vegas with over 25,000 expected to attend. As you can see the main aisle was packed and many were headed straight for OSRAM.

OSRAM SYLVANIA at LIGHTFAIR International 2014

It’s not surprising as OSRAM won two LIGHTFAIR Innovation awards this year. The first for OPTOTRONIC® Programmable Constant Current 2DIM Outdoor LED Power Supplies and the second for the new Debut product featuring Dynamic LED lighting with an intelligent media system to create personalized virtual reality spaces in dressing rooms. Congratulations to the entire OSRAM team!

OSRAM SYLVANIA at LIGHTFAIR International 2014

OSRAM was also recognized for 25 years of participation at LIGHTFAIR as they are one of the original exhibitors. We are happy to say that OSARM has partnered with CREATACOR for all of those 25 years. We couldn’t be prouder to partner with such a great company all these years.

Check out this Wall Street Journal article to learn more about what OSRAM is highlighting at the show.

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LIGHTFAIR International 2014 - Setup.

by Will F, posted Jun 2nd 2014

One day to go and finishing up all the detail work for OSRAM at the LIGHTFAIR International show in Las Vegas. We started on Friday and progress has been great as we work with a dedicated OSRAM team. If you are into lighting, this is the show to be at and the OSRAM exhibit should be your first stop.

We'll be adding to our LIGHTFAIR International 2014 Flickr album during the show, so be sure to check it out. Here are some of the photos from the setup:

Will is at LIGHTFAIR International with OSRAM SYLVANIA

Will is at LIGHTFAIR International with OSRAM SYLVANIA

Will is at LIGHTFAIR International with OSRAM SYLVANIA

Will is at LIGHTFAIR International with OSRAM SYLVANIA

Will is at LIGHTFAIR International with OSRAM SYLVANIA

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Seeing A Hero.

by Will F, posted May 29th 2014

I have been lucky and sort of an oddity these days as I have been at CREATACOR my entire career, coming up on 24 years in September. What has always made the place special for me is the relationships, both those with my coworkers and our clients. Around 15 years ago I first met Joe McCormick as he was a product manager for SYLVANIA. Every spring, Lightfair rolls around, SYLVANIA’s Super Bowl, and life would be very hectic for a good two months. Joe was always there to help with any and all technical issues. He wasn’t the trade show manager and focused on his specific product line but he would always, always be a phone call away to offer support for all groups. He made many a trip to our facility to help to train us on wiring products and ensuring his product was show ready. One year, he even had his young son at our shop and if his son was here, he was going to help. Over the years, Joe has moved up with the company so his involvement in Lightfair isn’t the same but fortunately, the friendship is still in tact. Joe’s son was faced with a challenge a few years ago when he was a senior in high school, he was diagnosed with LHON, an eye disease without a cure that meant he was going to lose his sight. That didn’t stop him from attending Harvard or finishing up in four years like all his classmates. Joe sent me this article from the Boston Globe about his son, truly an amazing story about a brave man who happens to have a terrific dad.

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A Reel Fishing Expert.

by Amy B, posted May 22nd 2014

This month is prime time to fish the Hudson River for striped bass. Nobody knows this better than Mark O’Rourke, our Portables Technician, who has been fishing the Hudson River for stripers for over forty years.

Stripers annual spawning run lasts from the middle of April through the end of May. Every year, Mark is sure to take a vacation during this time so he can go fishing. Mark is now back to work after spending a week off on the river. For nine days straight, Mark fished the Hudson River from sunrise to sunset.

Stripers average from 10 to 32 pounds. The largest recorded striper caught on the Hudson weighed 60 pounds..

So far this year, Mark’s biggest catch was 15 pounds:

Mark catches Stripers

This doesn’t, however, beat the 22 pound striper he caught in 2011:

Mark catches Stripers

Mark throws every fish he catches back into the river unharmed. He says he’s in it for the sport and the joy of catching a fish.

Shortly after striper season, Mark will begin fishing for lake trout on Lake Champlain. Then he will look forward to fishing the Tomhannock Reservoir for walleyes in the fall.

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CREATACOR's Own Superman.

by Amy B, posted Apr 22nd 2014

CREATACOR is heroic when it comes to serving our customers. We meet their needs faster than a speeding bullet...we deliver their message with more power than a locomotive...we're able to leap over any challenge in a single bound. There's no mistaking the super in CREATCOR's own superman, Portables Manager, Todd Teal.

Todd's Superhero Office

Todd has been with CREATACOR for nearly eight years and it's no wonder that he embodies the core values of our organization. Always willing to help and do the right thing, Todd strives to exemplify the values and qualities of the superheroes he admires. It all started thirty-six years ago when he saw one of his personal heroes, Christopher Reeves, star in the 1978 Superman movie. Todd's office is decked out with decades of superhero memorabilia. His favorite item is the 700th issue of Spider Man signed by "The Man" himself, Stan Lee.

Todd's Superhero Office

When he's not busy at work, he enjoys reading graphic novels such as The Walking Dead, which he highly recommends. Now we know why Todd's always hanging around that phone booth in the lobby.

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A New Addition To The Family.

by Will F, posted Mar 31st 2014

The CREATACOR family just got a whole lot cuter this weekend as Chuck L., one of our Senior Account Executives, his wife Chelsea along with their daughter Chloe welcome a newborn baby girl to their family. On Sunday March 30th, Charleigh Elizabeth was born at 9:26 am weighing in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. and measuring 18-3/4" long. Mommy and baby are both doing well and 4 year old Chloe is very proud to finally be a big sister. Of all the ways to start a week, this has to be one of the best. All of us at CREATACOR congratulate the Law's on the new addition. The family would like to say thanks for all the well wishes and congratulations from their co-workers, suppliers and clients. And if Chuck isn't a 100% rested upon his return to the office, please be understanding. :-)


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by Courtney S, posted Mar 31st 2014

With a few years of the trade show and event industry under my belt, it was time to embark on another milestone - to attend the EXHIBITOR Show for the first time. In previous years, I'd watch as my coworkers came back from the show with more industry knowledge, new contacts, and interesting stories. So I was really excited to have this opportunity for myself!

Having NO idea of what to expect (despite the stories and advice from my coworkers, it's just something you need to experience for yourself), I kept my eyes, ears, and mind open. Of course, I met new prospects on the show floor. But surprisingly, it was easier than I imagined to talk to people off the floor - whether it was at an event, in between classes, grabbing coffee, or even in the elevator. Once the show closed, there was never a dull moment between EXHIBITOR events, dinners, or meetings with clients and vendors.


I spent some quality time with current clients, walking the floor and getting new ideas for their booth. It was also great to put some faces to the names of vendors I work with all the time, but had never met in person. It was also an unexpected bonding experience with my own coworkers. I sat in on some meetings with prospects and gained invaluable experience from industry sales veterans. By the time I left Las Vegas, my brain was on overload!

Now that I am back on my grind, I am happily reliving these moments by sorting through the stash of business cards, scribbled notes, pictures and videos. I left EXHIBITOR2014 feeling reenergized about my career. But most of all, it reminded me of how grateful I am to be a part of such a unique industry that's filled with fascinating people.

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EXHIBITOR2014 So Far...

by Chuck L, posted Mar 19th 2014

Day 2 is in full swing in the CREATACOR booth at the 2014 Exhibitor Show! We've had a lot of great appointments so far. Here is a pic of our Account Executive, Diane L. meeting with a prospect!


The Exhibitor Show also gives us the opportunity to meet with existing clients, Pictured here is Will F. and Tim L. meeting with Areva.


The show also allows us to strengthen existing relationships with our vendors as well as meet new potential partners. This year, there is a lot of participation for international exhibit builders. CREATACOR has made it a priority to strengthen our international exhibition capabilities in 2014, and we will be meeting face to face with many potential international partners while in Las Vegas.

We've even had the opportunity to talk with some folks walking around the show floor. Here is a photo of Tim L. after a great meeting with a potential prospect.


Lastly, we also selected our booth space for next year - and we'll be in the very front of the hall to greet you all first in 2015!

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Stop In And See Us At EXHIBITOR2014.

by Jerremy J, posted Mar 17th 2014

The CREATACOR crew is all ready to go at EXHBITOR2014 starting today in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Stop in and see us in booth #1479 - Will, Diane, Tim, Courtney and Rich are all ready to let you know how CREATACOR can add value to your trade show or event marketing program. We invite you to sit down with one of our top executives for a quick twenty minute conversation on how we may advance your marketing opportunities.


Some appointments have aleady started:


...And here’s the kicker... as a thank you for taking your time to meet with us, we will present you with a very cool SnowLizard wireless USB charger or a Beats By Dr. Dre wireless bluetooth speaker. YOU CHOOSE!

Please email us at info@creatacor.com, give us a call at 1-800-611-0431, or stop by and see us in booth #1479 to schedule an appointment:

We'll be at EXHIBITOR2014 in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in booth #1479, March 14th - 17th.

We hope to meet you at the show!

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AWS Truepower In Barcelona.

by Courtney S, posted Mar 17th 2014

Our globally active client, AWS Truepower, enlisted our help for the third year in a row with their participation in the European Wind Energy Association Conference. This year's conference recently finished in warm and sunny Barcelona, Spain.

AWS had a 52.5 square meter booth showcasing their custom exhibit, which includes a branded tower, demo kiosks, an info counter, and conference area. Feel free to check out more photos on Flickr.

AWS Truepower at the European Wind Energy Association Conference

According to a recent survey by Exhibitor Magazine, international trade show participation is on the rise. Client services and executive staff at CREATACOR have been diligently working to research and solidify our partnerships in the international exhibiting markets so that we can be a one-stop global shop for our clients.

We are looking forward to our international projects in the next few months. Be on the lookout for updates from Australia to London to Shanghai!

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Crystal IS At Pittcon 2014.

by Rich H, posted Mar 6th 2014

"Nearly a billion people are at risk due to poor water quality" is a powerful reminder from CREATACOR's new client, Crystal IS, of how their products are making a positive global impact - and with that statement in mind we could not have been prouder to have been selected as the exhibit company to produce the Crystal IS exhibit for the upcoming debut of their booth at Pittcon 2014.

The CREATACOR team partnered with Crystal IS to produce an exciting new booth that will highlight the Crystal IS innovative products that are leading the way to sterilize and disinfect water. The 400 sq. ft. booth will display the Crystal IS high-performance LEDs that are integrated into their customers' products to sterilize and disinfect water, air and surfaces in a variety of applications. The LEDs are also used as light sources for scientific and industrial instrumentation applications.

The booth features a corporate ID tower that will greet attendees as soon as they walk onto the show floor. A double-sided mural display with integrated acrylic display cases will hold the Crystal IS LEDs and provide attendees a graphic overview of the award-winning technology & applications of the industry's highest performing ultraviolet (UVC) LEDs.

Crystal IS at Pittcon 2014.

Crystal IS at Pittcon 2014.

Crystal IS at Pittcon 2014.

Working with the Crystal IS team has been a genuine privilege and we are honored to have had the opportunity to partner with them in developing a great new booth that reflects their Industry-Best products.

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by Will F, posted Mar 3rd 2014


We'll be at EXHIBITOR2014 in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in booth #1479, March 14th - 17th.

CREATACOR can add value to your trade show or event marketing program and we invite you to sit down with one of our top executives for a quick twenty minute conversation on how we may advance your marketing opportunities. And here’s the kicker... as a thank you for taking your time to meet with us, we will present you with a very cool SnowLizard wireless USB charger or a Beats By Dr. Dre wireless bluetooth speaker.

YOU CHOOSE! Please email us at info@creatacor.com or give us a call at 1-800-611-0431 prior to arriving in Las Vegas to schedule your appointment.

...and just one more thing! Everyone who schedules an appointment and meets with one of our Trade Show and Event Program executives will be entered into our daily drawing to win an iPad mini.

So, give us a call or send us an email - we'd really like to meet you in Las Vegas!

We'll be at EXHIBITOR2014 in Las Vegas, NV at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in booth #1479, March 14th - 17th.

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Congressman Tonko (NY-D) Tours CREATACOR.

by Baker PR, posted Jan 24th 2014

We were extremely pleased to have welcomed Congressman Paul Tonko to our headquarters and warehouse Thursday, January 23. Congressman Tonko is an advocate of small business and innovation. The lawmaker met with CREATACOR employees, toured the design studio, exhibit production space and warehouse while discussing the company's growth and overall business challenges.

Hear what Congressman Tonko had to say about the tour and significance of small business here:

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CREATACOR Designs Retail Displays for VENT Fitness.

by Baker PR, posted Jan 23rd 2014

VENT Fitness, owned by the Lia Group, with four locations in the Capital Region, recently engaged CREATACOR to design, build and install customized retail displays for its 45,000-square-foot flagship health club in Guilderland.

Our team provided 3D renderings and then went to work on the fabrication which included a wide variety of custom laminates, acrylics for sliding doors and shelving, slat wall inserts, and various stainless steel hooks to display merchandise.

In a short amount of time, CREATACOR was able to design and build the displays to the customer's specifications and complete the installation at the health club on time and on budget. VENT Fitness is re-engaging us to replicate retail displays at its other Capital Region locations in Niskayuna, Clifton Park and Latham.

CREATACOR Designs Retail Displays for VENT Fitness

CREATACOR Designs Retail Displays for VENT Fitness

VENT Fitness is utilizing the displays to sell branded items such as key chains, gym bags, t-shirts, tanks, water bottles, wrist wraps, boxing gloves and more.

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Brandon Builds A 3D Printer.

by Courtney S, posted Jan 22nd 2014

Our CREATACOR fabricators pride themselves on not only building quality products, but also on keeping up with the latest technology that can help create efficiencies in the shop. Our own CNC guru, Brandon, took this a step further and built his own 3D printer. He brought it into the shop for a few days to test out his new work.

Brandon's project started with a family trip to the MakerFaire in Queens, NY. His kids were really impressed with the 3D printers. Brandon explored kits to buy but felt that it would be more interesting to source parts and build his own. "I chose the delta axis design printer over the cartesian because I wanted to learn a new machine type and it looked cool. I wanted a printer to make prototype parts for other projects," said Brandon.

The printer is based on the RepRap Rostock design, and took about a month to source parts and build.

So how is Brandon putting the printer to use? "Right now my daughter Sophia is printing cat pieces for a checker set. And my son Alex wants to make parts for his Star Wars toy collection."

Check out the video below to see it in action... unreal!

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7 Quick Tips For Creating A Successful Trade Show Experience.

by CREATACOR, posted Jan 7th 2014

The New Year brings a new opportunity to step up your trade show and exhibit marketing strategy. Remember, in-person events can be an extremely effective tactic (when done correctly) to generate new business resulting in real ROI. Here are 7 tips for a successful trade show.

1. Determine your main goal(s) for attending a trade show. Think strategically. Is it to meet with decision makers face-to-face, scope out your competition, scope out what's new and trending in the industry, connect with trade media, build new relationships, generate new business leads and increase brand awareness?

2. Pick the right show for your products and services. Research previous show attendees and exhibitors.

3. Budget wisely. Where will the bulk of your trade show budget be spent? The display itself? Marketing your trade show exhibition?

4. Get creative with your booth. How will your organization stand out from the crowd? What type of impact do you want to make? Make sure the attendee understands your company's message.

5. Engage with your audience before the event through social media channels. For example, blog about the upcoming event and your company's involvement; set up Facebook and LinkedIn event listings and invite customers; make your booth a Foursquare checkin location; and share images of your booth on Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram.

6. Enhance your visitor's experience during the event. You can tweet special offers throughout the show using your event hashtag, create a QR code at your booth that visitors can use to download a whitepaper or video and do short interviews with industry experts attending the show and upload to your social networks.

7. Follow-up with any perspective leads generated during the show with a survey, phone call or e-mail marketing campaign. How can you translate these leads into sales for your company?

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