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Creatacor Celebrating the Holidays.

by Jerremy J., posted Dec 22nd 2009

Ah, the Holiday Season...

Here at Creatacor, we do quite a bit to celebrate the holidays. It's a great time to share some personal time with our friends and coworkers. It all started about three weeks ago when the staff started asking for our collection of festive holiday tunes to be piped through the phone system. Give us a call - while you are on-hold, you could hear anything from Alvin & The Chipmunks to Yanni.

Soon after we started working on our annual Holiday Card. Last year, we used our CNC machine to cut blue tinted acrylic into 3D snowflakes:

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Creatacor Holiday Card 2008

This year, we decided to create an animated e-card. On Friday, we sent out about 500 emails with our holiday greetings to our customers and suppliers. We did get a few bounce-backs - so if you are one of our valued partners, and you did not receive the email, our apologies. Tom and Jess put a lot of work into the animation. We hope you enjoy it! See if you can identify those you know in the 'Creatacor Choir'. If you are not sure, click on someone to see who they are! Click the card below to check it out.

Creatacor's 2009 Holiday E-Card

Later that day, after the cards went out, Creatacor closed a little early... It was time to have some fun... Something a little different this year. Our usual staff dinner was replaced with a family bowling party at the Spare Time Bowling Lanes in Clifton Park. Our entire staff and their families gathered to knock down a few pins as well as a few beers. The competition was on... Seasoned bowlers and gutter-ballers combined to see who could out-do who. Fun was had by all as this video will attest:

Haha - what a fun time. Looks like everyone had a great time, even the little ones are (cute!).

Finally, before we close for the Christmas holiday... The Creatacor Holiday Food Fest begins. As is tradition would have it, the staff will bring in some of their favorite home made dishes and snacks for all to sample.

To kick it off on Monday, The Omelette King paid a visit cooking made to order omelettes. Today and tomorrow we'll see cookies, cakes, Danny's Empanadas, chips, dips, Carp's Chili and TONS of other goodies. We'll get a jump on putting on our winter weight.

It's shaping up to be a very busy start to the year - and we can't wait. But before all that happens - we'd like to wish you a safe and merry Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

Exhibit Designers Alter Business Plans.

by Jerremy J., posted Dec 18th 2009

Adam Sichko has written an article for the Albany Business Review entitled "Designers of trade show exhibits alter business plans as clients rein in spending". In it, he discusses the impact of the global recession on the trade show industry from the perspective of 3 exhibit firms, including Creatacor.

Creatacor President & CEO, Tom Lemery is quoted extensively, saying: "Trade show expenses will be scrutinized more than ever. It's really striking a nerve now more than ever before because of the economy."

The majority of the article is available to subscribers only.

State of the Exhibit Industry.

by Jerremy J., posted Dec 1st 2009

Aleta Walther has written an article for the December issue of Exhibit City News entitled "State of the Industry: belief and hope for recovery". She discusses the impact of the recession on the exhibit industry while examining a recent Center for Exhibition Research (CEIR) report that may show that the industry is lagging behind the broader economic recovery.

Aleta also speaks to numerous executives in the trade show industry, including Creatacor President & CEO, Tom Lemery. Tom talks about what we've experienced here at Creatacor in 2009, and how we've worked with our customers to get the most out of their exhibit budget.

Tom Lemery and Creatacor in Exhibit City News

Part 2 of the article will be published in the January 2010 issue.

Face-to-Face Marketing: It's Human Nature.

by Tom L., posted Nov 6th 2009

With the ever increasing popularity of web-based social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, a question that I have been asked for years is being asked again with even more zeal. That is; "Will the internet and the advancement of personal digital communications technologies replace trade shows someday?" In other words; will face-to-face marketing ever go away? My answer is simply - NO. Not because I'm a blind optimist who has devoted the last 33 years of his life to the trade show industry but because no matter how much technology advances, we will still be human beings and "human nature" will always be part of our make up. "So what?" you ask with even more implied doubt. Well one fundamental element of human nature is trust. "Trust" is a key factor in every transaction between buyer and seller, especially when buying unique or complex products or services.

I recently read a very interesting blog entry about face-to-face marketing by Roger B. Wilson Jr., President, The Conference Department, Inc. entitled: "There Will Always be a Place for Face2Face". Mr. Wilson points out that people are social animals.

He writes;

"We like social interaction, which is one reason digital social media is red hot. The media world has been transformed by the internet and the pace of this transformation will accelerate. Human nature, however, has not changed. That is why face-to-face events, the original social media, developed over thousands of years of human experience, will remain one of the best communication tools for business."

Face-to-face interaction builds trust. How many times have you spoken to a sales person face-to-face, which resulted in a more or less favorable opinion of the product or service you were interested in buying? Regardless of whether you actually had to lay your eyes on the product or not, would you have gotten the same results if you had spoken to the person on the phone or communicated by e-mail or checked out their web site? Possibly, but it is also human nature to be skeptical, especially today when a photo-retouched image or well written sales promo or misleading product label can lead us to believe something is what it isn't. We begin to trust someone (or not trust someone) as we personally interact with them, and meeting them in person is the foundation for building trust.

Certainly, face-to-face marketing will evolve as we take advantage of the latest and greatest technology available. As providers and supporters of face-to-face marketing events, we will need to embrace these technological advancements in order to remain competitive and to better communicate the complexities and features of what is being sold. They will certainly be used to enhance the social experience. But will face-to-face marketing ever go away? Trust me, not as long as human nature is part of the buying experience.

Creating the Real and the Surreal.

by Jerremy J., posted Oct 20th 2009

By day, Creatacor Exhibit Designer Ed Riggs designs corporate trade show exhibits, like these:

Virgin Atlantic Custom Exhibit for NBTA, design and constructed by Creatacor

[20' x 20' Virgin Atlantic Exhibit for NBTA - click the image to see the full gallery]

Manugistics Custom Exhibit Concepts, design by Creatacor

[20' x 50' Manugistics Exhibit Concept - click the image to see the full gallery]

By night (or just during his free time), he has another creative outlet: painting. Ed said, "[I paint] mostly in acrylic but I do use oils. I also do illustrations (prefer an ordinary Bic pen). Usually my subjects end up with a surrealistic edge."

Some of Ed's paintings will be on display at a local art gallery in Saratoga Springs called "House of Creative Soul". Starting on November 3rd, 2009, you can stop by to see at least three (maybe four) of Ed's pieces, along with the work of 17 other artists in their Creative Mediums Exhibition. The opening reception will be held on November 14th between 6 PM - 9 PM.

House of Creative Soul, Creative Mediums Opening Reception Invitation

[Exhibition Invitation]

Ed's Painting, "Slack Jawed Ass"

[Ed's painting on the Invitation]

Finally, you may have already seen one of Ed's artistic creations on the cover of the 2008 novella, "Mother Puncher" by Gina Ranalli, which is available on

Ed's Cover Art for the Novella "Mother Puncher" by Gina Ranalli

Congratulations and good luck with your exhibition Ed.

Tweet Tidbits and Twitter.

by Tom L., posted Sep 17th 2009

Okay, everybody is doing it so why not.... Jumping on the Twitter bandwagon that is. Lets face it... As a business, anything that helps get your name in front of people is a good thing - right? Well, that's exactly what we want to do by posting Creatacor updates to Twitter.... using it as our trade show and event diary so to speak. Our Account Executives, I&D staff, designers and production technicians are constantly on the show floor or smack-dab in the middle of some city setting up a marketing event or hammering out another creative problem solving solution. We feel those moments are worth sharing or should I say worth "tweeting".

Creatacor on Twitter

Whatever, now you can get the latest and greatest tweet tidbit as soon as it happens by following us: Creatacor on Twitter

Team Talk.

by Tom L., posted Sep 1st 2009

As September rolls in, our summer vacations are reduced to photographs and memories, school buses once again become part of our morning commute and we notice the daylight hours are surely shrinking ever so slowly. This could only mean one thing at Creatacor. It's time for the Creatacor Fantasy Football League to kick in! That's right, for the next 4 months the conversations around the coffee pot and vending machines will not only revolve around the most pressing show in the shop but also about whether or not the "Warehouse Warriors" and Vikings running back Adrian Peterson can finally put the "Warrior" name on the CFFL Superbowl trophy... or will the Gansevoort Cornhuskers finally have a winning season... or will the "Albany Amazon Women" be the first team to win a second CFFL Superbowl.

The anticipation builds in early August with the draft order selection. One-by-one the names of the 12 teams are pulled from a fish bowl borrowed from the props department to determine where each team is slotted to pick at the upcoming draft. Soon after the selections are complete the office banter begins....who will the "Warehouse Warriors" pick first? Will Tom Brady of the Patriots bounce back to the scoring machine he was in 2007 after being out for all of 2008? And what rookies are this year's sleepers? Then it's time to do it - pick your team - draft night is finally here. For the past 9 years, the night starts off with some pizza or sandwiches and lots of targeted jabs amongst team owners about their previous wins and losses, as well as the unusual picks that become the team's moniker, like JP and his "Four Quarterback Roster". There are plenty of laughs as the draft order is introduced with a short video that pays tribute the previous years CFFL Superbowl Champion.

The Creatacor Fantasy Football League is entering its 10th season and for sure, draft night has become an office event, some would even say a distraction - no doubt at times. But one thing is for sure, it's coworkers and, more importantly, friends talking and laughing in the work place. The trade show business is demanding, stressful at times and certainly requires a team of people who all get along and are willing to do what it takes to get the job done right. If those people are able to do all of that and still find a few minutes each day to laugh and be friends, what a great thing it can be.

Creatacor Fantasy Football League Logo

The 2009 NFL season will kick into high gear on Thursday, September 10th when the Tennessee Titans visit the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. Surely Titan and Steeler fans will be watching. But also watching will be the thousands, maybe millions of fantasy football team owners with players like Steeler QB, Ben Roethlisberger or Titans RB, Chris Johnson on their roster... how they perform that Thursday night will provide fodder for more jabs and jokes around the coffee pot Friday morning before things really heat up Monday morning after the NFL's opening weekend.

So will the "Saratoga Sidewinders or "Ballston Bruisers" or "Gansevoort Cornhuskers" finally get their name added to the trophy? Or will the "Red Jacks", "Albany Hoos" or "Rock City Crushers" be the first CFFL team to win a second Superbowl? We'll keep you posted... But! It really doesn't matter. What matters is that it's fun and it keeps our team, the Creatacor team, working as a team.

Mattizzle in the hizzouse.

by Jerremy J., posted Aug 26th 2009

The graphics department is swamped this week. So much so that our vending machine is smoking as it can't keep up with Jess' insatiable need for Twizzlers and Diet Coke.

Keeping the Graphic Design department very busy this week: magazine layouts for Hunter Mountain, trade show graphics for the NYS Funeral Directors, graphic designs for an Xpressions Display for Osram Sylvania, podium graphics for Southern Wine and Spirits of Upstate NY, graphic solutions for LEGO and on and on it goes...

However, an old friend to Creatacor, Matt Mattice (Mattizzle) took the train up from his new digs in NYC to help us out for the week. Matt's been working as a freelancer since he left Creatacor.

Matt got right back in the swing of things - and he'll be here for the rest of the week working on these and various other projects. We're glad to have him here assisting for the week. Thanks Matt...

Hopefully Matt's presence will help lower Jess' sugar and caffeine levels to more humanly tolerable levels...

A Healthy Partnership Can Yield Great Results.

by Tom L., posted Aug 20th 2009

Recently, Creatacor conducted a business review with one of our best customers within the healthcare market. The results were amazing. Based on their 3 year objectives to: better manage their total spend for trade show participation by operating in a process efficient environment, and optimizing opportunities for enhanced market exposure through trade shows, Creatacor was able to report significant savings for their trade show participation when it all started back in January of 2007 though today.

This major player within the Pharmaceutical Industry needed to make a change in the way they attended trade shows. Their strategy back in late 2006 was to...

• Reduce the number of exhibit suppliers from four to one single source tradeshow partner

• Consolidate all exhibit properties under one roof

• Consolidate the tradeshow calendars of their 3 product groups

• Develop a web-integrated solution that provides detailed project based management information for all events and meetings - accessible by all stakeholders via their web browser

• Select a partner who could provide complete turnkey tradeshow program management services including:

    - Exhibit design and construction

    - Ordering & auditing of all tradeshow services such as: space reservations, housing
      reservations, badge registration, show site services, shipping and logistics

    - Field services management and installation & dismantle labor

    - Inventory management & storage

    - Web integrated management systems

After a long and thorough RFP process, Creatacor was selected from a field of 13 different recipients of the original RFP and thus, the transition began.

Creatacor made arrangements for transporting over 12,000 cubic feet of exhibit material to our facility in Clifton Park, New York (from 4 locations around the U.S.), which included; 10 trailer loads consisting of over 250 crates, cases and boxes, along with nearly 600 graphic elements. Every single item was inventoried and cataloged into the Creatacor asset management database, which by the way, is all available for customer viewing via a web integrated system exclusively design in-house at Creatacor known as OnCor™. From start to finish, everything was completed in 40 business days.

Next came the design and production of a new 1,500 sqft "corporate exhibit", which made it's debut in August of 2007. It has become the foundation of trade show participation for all 3 product groups and is being utilized in spaces from 200 sqft on up to 4,000 sqft major events.

The Albany Business Review Logo

But to truly understand the success of this program you need to know the details. We are talking 319 trade shows with spaces from 100 sqft to 4,000 sqft over a 31 month time span, totaling nearly 60,000 square feet of reserved exhibit space…. All done for a complete, turnkey price of less than $67.00 per square foot. That includes; Exhibit Design & Production, Graphic Design & Production, Pre-Show and Post-Show Setup & Inspection, Packing and Handling, All Show Site Services including I&D, and Shipping & Drayage. When comparing industry average labor rates and markups published by Exhibitor Magazine in their "Budget Basics" article and Creatacor rates, based on actual expenses, the savings was astounding. The bottom line… our customer saved over $540,000.00 in 31 months by working with Creatacor. And it won't stop there. With continued process efficiencies designed to streamline their trade show activities even more, the savings is anticipated to top $600,000 by years end.

This illustrates the great things that can be accomplished when the Exhibitor and the supplier work hand-in-hand as partners for a common goal. And most importantly, both parties understand that in order for this to continue to work, the exhibitor must achieve the desired results within their budget and the supplier must be able to turn a reasonable profit. Hmmm... Sounds like a healthy partnership plan to me.

27 companies in 2 exhibits at NBTA 2009.

by Jerremy J., posted Aug 18th 2009

This week, we are putting the finishing touches on 2 exhibits that will be on display at the 2009 National Business Travel Association International Convention & Exposition (NBTA) which opens August 23rd in San Diego, CA.

The NBTA Convention and Exposition caters to corporate travel managers and travel service providers with educational sessions, a convention hall of over 400 exhibitors and keynote speakers including former President Bill Clinton and heroic "Miracle on the Hudson" pilot Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger, III.

Our clients Star Alliance and Virgin Atlantic are annual exhibitors at NBTA. Here is what you'll see in their exhibits this year:

Star Alliance Services GmbH will exhibit in a 50' x 80' space, which includes 20 of its member airlines from across the globe:

• United Airlines
• US Airways
• Air China
• Air New Zealand
• ANA All Nippon Airways
• Asaina Airlines
• Australian Airlines
• bmi • Egypt Air
• LOT Polish Airlines
• Lufthansa
• Singapore Airlines
• Scandinavian Airlines
• South African Airways
• Spanair
• Swiss International Air Lines
• Tap Portugal
• Thai Airways International PCL
• Turkish Airlines
• Air Canada

Also exhibiting is a collection of the Virgin Companies in a 40' x 50' space, which includes:

• Virgin Atlantic Airways
• V Australia
• Virgin America
• Virgin Charter
• Virgin Limousines
• Virgin Nigeria Airways

You can check out photos of previous Virgin and Star Alliance NBTA exhibits in our Gallery.

A Posting About Some Different Posts.

by Tom L., posted Aug 11th 2009

In 2006 the brand new Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library inherited several newel posts that had been savaged from an old historic building in Clifton Park, NY. For those of you who aren't sure what a newel post is; it's a wooden post that is turned down on a wood lathe to create a uniquely designed architectural, furniture-like piece used to create wooden railings and banisters. The library wanted to use the posts to create a unique display for their children's section so they asked me to come up with some ideas. I was immediately inspired recalling some contemporary sculptures I had seen at the Bronx Zoo just a week before in which typical house hold items were assembled together to form larger items. At the Bronx Zoo, they created flowers from things like rakes, spades and a lawn sprinklers.

Bronx Zoo Sculptures

So with their rounded crowns that resembled little wooden heads, I thought what fun it would be to create some "Newel People". In the spirit of the Bronx Zoo flowers, I began to gather all sort of things from my basement, local hardware store and closest dollar store. Some whisk brooms and feather duster were used to create some fancy head tresses, while I used a large funnel for a skirt for one of the Newel girls, along with some stylish brass hose bibs that created a flowery necklace... the ultimate Newel Person accessory.

Newel People designed by Creatacor

The results were a family of 5 Newel People... Mom, Dad, 2 sisters and my favorite, little brother, a "Rocker Boy" made up of stainless measuring cups and tea spoons. Complete with a punk-ish haircut made from a trimmed pot scrubber, this guy exhibits the coolest-of-cool in Newel Town. These brightly colored creatures have been a favorite of all who visit the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library at 475 Moe Road in Clifton Park since they were installed over 2 years ago.

Newel People designed by Creatacor

This summer, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library, children and teens are invited to help the Library add to its Newel Post family by designing new Newel Post Friends. Three winning designs will be chosen and the new Newel Post Friends will be produced by Creatacor of and installed in the Library.

Using common household goods, students will be asked to design a Newel Post Friend. Judging will be based upon the design as well as on the list of items used.

There are three categories for the contest and a winning design will be chosen from each category.

• Elementary School (Grades K-5)
• Middle School (Grades 6-8)
• High School (Grades 9-12)

A review panel composed of local artists and designers will judge the entries. The review panel will then select one winner in each category.

Deadline for submission is August 31, 2009. Winners will be notified by September 17. Please stop into the library for an entry form and complete contest rules. Questions? Please contact Alex Gutelius at 371-8622 or email

Rocking at Fenway Park.

by Jerremy J., posted Aug 6th 2009

...a quick follow-up on our "Are you ready to rock?" entry on July 24th.

Fenway Park: historic baseball stadium, long ago football field, venue for the 2010 NHL WInter Classic [go Bruins] and last night - Rock Arena.

Paul McCartney played the first of two shows at Fenway Park last night - and The Beatles: Rock Band stage set was there (drawing large crowds):

The Beatles: Rock Band Stage Set by Creatacor at Fenway Park

The Beatles: Rock Band Stage Set by Creatacor at Fenway Park

Sounds like Paul put on another great show.

If you are going to the concert tonight, get up on the stage and rock the fans before the show!

She's going the distance... she's going for speed.

by Kim L., posted Jul 27th 2009

Well, I better not get ahead of myself here. I am going the distance - 26.2 miles to be exact. That's right, I'm in training for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN this October 4th. As for speed, I'm aiming to finish with 9 minute miles... or just under 4 hours. But before I get there I have to make it through the rest of my training. My schedule includes over 550 miles in 18 weeks. I'm headed into week 7 and have worked my way through 250 miles already!

In addition to running, I have decided to participate as a Charity Runner for the American Cancer Society. ACS is dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives and diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy and service.

The Charity Runner program gives me the opportunity to participate in the marathon while dedicating my experience to the fight against cancer. My goal is to raise over $1,000 for the American Cancer Society before race day. If you'd like to support me and help in the fight against cancer or offer good wishes and see my progress please visit my web page.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. Until then...happy running!

Are you ready to rock?

by Jerremy J., posted Jul 24th 2009

Creatacor is very excited to once again be working with iris New York to produce a new Rock Band stage set. But... This isn't just the usual, awesome Rock Band stage sets we have produced in the past...

This new set will be used to promote the new "The Beatles: Rock Band", which will be released on 9/9/09.

The Beatles: Rock Band Box Art

This new version of Rock Band features the songs and likenesses of The Beatles:

The Beatles: Rock Band Game Screen Shot

You can also rock like The Beatles with new instruments based on what the boys used to play:

The Beatles: Rock Band Game Instruments

...and if you were at the Paul McCartney shows at Citi Field on July 17th, 18th or 21st - you may have rocked on the stage!

The Beatles: Rock Band Stage Set by Creatacor

The Beatles: Rock Band Stage Set by Creatacor

You'll also have the chance to rock as John, Paul, Ringo or George at historic Fenway Park on August 5th or 6th. The stage will be set up at the shows - and you'll have the chance to get up there and knock-out a killer rendition of "Helter Skelter". How cool is that?

These stage sets are 8' x 12' and feature 4 LCD screens, a lighting truss and a full set of The Beatles: Rock Band gear.

Here's a pic of Creatacor's house band: "The Losers", testing out one of our previous Rock Band 2 sets in our shop:

Creatacor's House Band: The Losers tests out a Rock Band 2 Stage Set in the shop

That's me on guitar, Matt on drums and Rich on vocals. We rock like Air Supply.

A Custom Rental Exhibit Success Story

by Jerremy J., posted Jul 24th 2009

Exhibit City News has published an article in it's July 2009 issue entitled "Exhibit rentals win rave reviews in these tough economic times" which details Creatacor's work for Laerdal Medical Corporation's participation in the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) show in Orlando, Florida.

With a limited budget and in a very short amount of time, we were able to offer Laerdal a 30' x 30' custom exhibit rental from our inventory. The exhibit was adaptable and easy to set up - which fit the unique exhibit space at the Disney World hotel.

Here are some photos from the show:

Laerdal's Custom Exhibit Rental for IMSH by Creatacor

Laerdal's Custom Exhibit Rental for IMSH by Creatacor

Laerdal's Custom Exhibit Rental for IMSH by Creatacor

To read the full article, check out the July issue of the Exhibit City News, page B10 or click here to read it on the Exhibit City News website.

Creatacor works with LEGO on Comic-Con 2009 Exhibit

by Jerremy J., posted Jul 21st 2009

Comic-Con 2009 is right around the corner... The geeks (me) and non-geeks alike are eagerly anticipating new products, new ideas and super-special announcements from studios, publishing houses, toy makers and our favorite brands.

I'm wondering if the attendance of Russell T Davies (super-producer and fellow Welshman) and David Tenant (The Doctor) means that the rumors are true - and a Doctor Who movie will be announced!

Told ya I was a geek.

OK... Back to business.

The Comic-Con International Show 2009 will be held at the San Diego Convention Center from July 23rd, 2009 through July 26th, 2009 - and Creatacor is happy to once again team up with LEGO on their 2,400 square foot exhibit (Booth #2829).

Here's a shot from Comic-Con 2008:

LEGO's 2008 Comic-Con Exhibit

The 2009 LEGO exhibit will feature everything from BIONICLE to Star Wars' Captain Rex to SpongeBob SquarePants to characters from the upcoming 2010 Disney product lines. A LEGO Master Builder will also be on hand working with attendees to build a LEGO mosaic.

Rich (the guy meditating on our blog page) will be on-site - and he promises a full report when he returns. While the purpose of attending the event is to ensure that LEGO has a great show, Rich says he hopes to also be interviewed and embarrassed by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Creatacor rooting for H.O.P.E.'s Mission in the Quarter Derby

by Chuck L., posted Jul 16th 2009

Creatacor has teamed up with Saratoga County animal rescue group H.O.P.E. (Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist) to create a high impact fundraiser sign. The sign will assist in H.O.P.E.'s effort to raise much needed money during the very popular Travers Festival August 22nd through August 30th in Saratoga Springs, NY.

H.O.P.E. is a 501c3 not-for-profit charitable organization made up of many dedicated volunteers. H.O.P.E.'s focus is and continues to be working together with the community to find homes for abandoned pets in Saratoga County.

H.O.P.E. reached out to Creatacor to produce the sign "hoping" that Creatacor could donate a portion of the production costs to the charitable organization. Creatacor was happy to oblige. The theme of the fundraiser is "The H.O.P.E Quarter Derby". The idea is that it takes 12 quarters or $3 to measure a foot. There are 5,280 feet in one mile. So one lap around the track at Saratoga Racetrack for the H.O.P.E. mascot horse "H.O.P.E.'s Mission" would equate to $15,840. The underlying theme being "Show the Pets How Much You Care & Help H.O.P.E.'s Mission Finish the Quarter Derby". If H.O.P.E. can raise the $15,840 they will have enough funds to potentially save up to 176 abandoned pets in the Saratoga County Area.

H.O.P.E.'s Travers Festival Fundraiser Sign

[Early design of the fundraiser sign]

The sign is currently in production and will be on display throughout the Travers Festival. Please stop by Dawgdom located at 441A Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 to check out the sign and make a donation to this very worthwhile cause. Creatacor is very proud to be part of such an important charity fundraiser.

We're "lobbying" for sales

by Will F., posted Jul 15th 2009

After setting up our EXHIBITOR2009 exhibit in our lobby complete with RockStar theme...

Creatacor's 2009 Exhbitor Show Custom Exhibit

[Creatacor's EXHIBITOR2009 Custom Exhibit]

Creatacor's EXHIBITOR2009 Lobby Display

[Creatacor's EXHIBITOR2009 Custom Exhibit set up in our lobby - Picture 1]

Creatacor's EXHIBITOR2009 Lobby Display

[Creatacor's EXHIBITOR2009 Custom Exhibit set up in our lobby - Picture 2] of our clients liked it so much, they bought it. Transfinder is a national leader in student transportation management systems and services, offering routing and scheduling solutions for optimal transportation logistics. After a few minor modifications relating to Transfinder's marketing theme; "Find the Future Today", the refreshed exhibit will debut at the 16th School Transportation News School Bus EXPO Conference & Trade Show at the end of July in Black Springs, Nevada. If you happen to be there, please stop by the Transfinder booth and let them know how much you love it. :-)

But it doesn't end there.... Not wanting to leave our lobby bare, we set up our "Big Fish" exhibit from EXHIBITOR2008 and as luck would have it, another client saw the exhibit and says it fits very well with their marketing plans. They are very interested in the cost of ownership.

Hey, we may have stumbled on to something here. We've decide to keep our lobby and show room well stocked with the latest and greatest exhibit ideas. If you are in the area stop by and experience some good old fashion tire kicking.

Creatacor's Lobby Display

[Creatacor's current lobby display]

Creatacor attends HCEA 2009 Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL

by Will F., posted Jun 19th 2009

Did you know a quarter of the entire meetings and conventions industry - the largest segment - is comprised of healthcare-related shows? The Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association (HCEA) is solely dedicated to improving the effectiveness and quality of all healthcare conventions, medical meetings and healthcare exhibit marketing throughout the industry and they just held their Annual Meeting this week in Tampa, Florida. Creatacor was there and as always, it was another great experience.

The Keynote Address presented by Steve Donahue, a world-class adventurer who crossed the Sahara Desert, provided an excellent opening as his advice on succeeding in today's constantly changing environment was timely and entertaining. The educational sessions appeared well attended and were packed with informational content covering many of the hot button topics, from metrics measurement to the new pharma codes. The trade show floor provided attendees with the latest ideas in face to face marketing. If you were at the event, you definitely went home armed with some terrific information and feeling good about the future of Healthcare events.

HCEA always takes care of their attendees and this years event offered several networking events including a laid back opening reception and the party at "Splitsville" on Sunday night. On Monday, the night "off", the rock stars came out and sang their hearts out with live band karaoke. Rumor has it, the night has spawned a new reality series for TLC titled, "HCEA Has Talent!".

Thanks to the HCEA for another great Annual Meeting and we will see you in New Orleans next year.

"The award was BAD ASS, I am psyched for you guys..."

by Jessica V., posted Jun 17th 2009

As quoted by Hunter Mountain's Communication Director, Jessica Pezak. We were just as excited when we did it again. We got ourselves a NORI! On Friday, June 5th, at the 36th Annual NORI Awards held at The Egg in Albany, Creatacor took home ONE shiny award. Yes, one. A total of FOUR had been nominated as finalists, and out of that four we took one home for the category of Poster Design for Hunter Mountain - 50 Years of Memories:

Creatacor Nori Award Winner 2009 - Hunter Mountain Metro Poster

The Ad Club has hosted the NORI Awards since 1972 to honor outstanding achievement in advertising and communications in the Capital Region. It helps promote excellence in the arts and continues to raise the bar each and every year.

We are proud to say that Creatacor has been honored with several NORIs for tradeshow exhibit programs, marketing campaigns and design excellence over the years for our creativity, and shall we say.... BAD ASSness.

Creatacor launches

by Jerremy J., posted Jun 16th 2009

Hello exhibitors.

Today, we'd like to announce the launch of a new website: a site designed to showcase some of our most popular pre-made exhibits. Logo

Now, depending on who you ask, these displays are called: portables, stock, pre-made, modular, pop-ups, display systems, etc. The debate rages on here at Creatacor headquarters... But really they are ideas and suggested solutions for your face-to-face marketing needs.

While we do have some examples of these displays in our Creatacor Gallery, we wanted to group them all together and differentiate them from our custom exhibit offerings to give our customers a place to see our [portables, stock, pre-made, modular, pop-ups, display systems] all in one place.

On we have an excellent selection of our best selling:

Banner Stands
Table Top Displays
Pop-Up Displays
Tension Fabric Displays
Modular Displays
Hanging Signs
Outdoor and Event Displays
Display Accessories

Banner StandsTable TopsPop-Up DisplaysTension Fabric Displays Modular DisplaysHanging SignsOutdoor and Event DisplaysDisplay Accessories

All are listed with informative descriptions, photos and pricing to give you an idea if the display will work well for your event - and fit within your budget.

These displays have numerous applications (A-ha!, that's where dispayapps came from):

• Budget conscience exhibiting
• Quick and easy setups
• Lower shipping and drayage costs
• Add accessories to your existing display
• Great for a busy show or event schedule (regional programs)
• Easy to maintain
• Inexpensive and easy to change your look in the future (new graphics or fabric wraps)

Also keep in mind that each of these displays comes with Creatacor's excellent customer service. We'll not only work with you to select the best display for your event or trade show - we'll offer you all of the many services Creatacor provides, including graphic design, printing, shipping, on-site install and dismantle service, etc. We'll help you with everything you need to have a successful trade show or event. Visit Creatacor's Services page page to read about all the services we offer.

So please, take a look at our new site and give us a call about your new display - be it a portable, stock, pre-made, modular, pop-up, display system - we'll be glad to help.

Under the Lights

by Will F., posted May 26th 2009 (Updated Jun 24th, 2009 with images)

Imagine blending a museum, laboratory, television studio, classroom, and retail environment into a single space dedicated to teaching the art and science of lighting. Such an entity exists thanks to OSRAM SYLVANIA and it's called LIGHTPOINT®, Institute for Lighting Technology. This world-class lighting education facility embodies the company's commitment to lighting innovation and technical leadership and thanks to our partnership, the Creatacor account team has been invited by SYLVANIA to experience the best in lighting training this week.

The course has been custom crafted for the exhibit team with two goals in mind. The first is to increase our knowledge of SYLVANIA's full product line including the technology that makes SYLVANIA products superior to their competitors and the second to give our designers and project managers a greater understanding of the importance of lighting fundamentals in marketing environments. We look forward to using our enhanced knowledge when we return for both SYLVANIA and all our clients.

Plus, with the Upstate New York based Creatacor guys heading to OSRAM SYLVANIA's headquarters near Boston and the Yankees and Red Sox both making moves to the top spot in the division, I can only imagine some fun baseball banter will be part of the experience (as previously reported).

Osram Sylvania Lightpoint Training. From left to right: Wayne Davi, Julian Colbert, Ed Riggs, Will Farmer, Bob Sweeney, Dave West and Jeremiah Primeau

From left to right: Wayne Davi, Julian Colbert, Ed Riggs, Will Farmer, Bob Sweeney, Dave West and Jeremiah Primeau.

Lightpoint training at Osram Sylvania

We Move Mountains...

by Jessica V., posted May 26th 2009

That's right, we move mountains and in this case it was Hunter Mountain located in upstate New York. So where did we move it? To the road-side by designing this promotional billboard that appears on VT 100 North, on the way to Killington, VT.

Hunter Mountain Billboard designed by Creatacor

> Roadside photo

Hunter Mountain Billboard design by Creatacor

> Design concept

Hunter Mountain has been working with Creatacor for a number of years. Together, we have created a number of award winning promotional pieces from print to video. With our experience in designing large format tradeshow graphics, they knew they could count on us to come up with a stunning billboard visual that would represent their resort perfectly. Thank you Hunter Mountain for trusting our abilities and for your continued support.

Hunter Mountain is one of the premier resorts for year-round outdoor fun and relaxation.

One... Two... Three... Four... NOMINATIONS!

by Jessica V., posted May 18th 2009

That's right... all four of our graphics that were submitted for a NORI award have been nominated to win! We are excited with anticipation.

I can imagine it now, walking into Creatacor, a proud smile on my face and with an armful of four shiny plaques engraved with "Creatacor Winner 2009" on the brass face.

aaaaaahhhh, the thought of it.

Take a look at our entries that were nominated:

1. Poster - SA-4: Hunter Mountain Metro Poster

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Hunter Mountain Metro Poster

2. Newsletter or Magazine - PM-10: Hunter Mountain Resort Magazine

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Hunter Mountain Resort Magazine

3. Announcement, Greeting or Holiday Card - PM-11: Creatacor Holiday Card 2008

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Creatacor Holiday Card 2008

4. Never Saw the Light of Day, Print - OT-1: Hunter Mountain Resort Advertisement

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Hunter Mountain Resort Advertisement

The Albany Ad Club's Annual Nori Awards ceremony will take place at The Egg in downtown Albany, NY on Friday June 5th 2009 at 7PM.

We'll let you know how we do...


About the Albany Ad Club: The Albany Ad Club Association of Professional Communicators was founded in 1961 to bring together those engaged in advertising, public relations and marketing, and to further acquaintance and cooperation among them. The Ad Club strives to promote legitimate and truthful advertising and to foster efficient and economical marketing methods.

About the Nori Awards: Each year since 1972, the Ad Club has hosted the NORI Awards to honor outstanding achievement in advertising and communications. By applying the highest criteria to judge its members, the creative competition serves to continually raise the standards of work in the region and promote excellence in communications.

Osram Sylvania at Lightfair 2009

by Will F., posted May 7th 2009

The hot dogs paid off as the Sylvania exhibit was a huge hit at Lightfair. The LIGHTFAIR 2009 exhibit hall opened to an anticipated record-breaking number of attendees--with numbers topping more than 22,000 pre-registered and expected to walk the show floor between today and Thursday. The lighting industry's premier annual event for architectural and commercial lighting, LFI 2009 boasts a re-designed trade show floor, dramatic decor, as well as an educational conference larger in size and more diverse than ever before.

The SYLVANIA exhibit was packed solid the first two days. Bob Sweeney, the Trade Show Manager of Sylvania was quoted as saying, "This is our best exhibit ever." The Lounge and Toy Store were very well received, each highlighting distinct lighting benefits for the products represented. The class room vignette was used each day for on the floor training sessions which filled the seats for each presentation.

Some fun was had too. On Tuesday night the trade show partners went to the Yankee-Red Sox game to root on their teams. The New York contingent from Creatacor and the Red Sox group from Boston. Creatacor worked their magic again arranging a Red Sox win so our client always ends up on the winning side. By the way, the concession prices are no bargain.

To top off a successful event, SYLVANIA brought home an Innovation Award for the METALARC® POWERBALL® EL ECOLOGIC® 24W Self-Ballasted PAR30LN. An integrated PAR30LN CMH lamp for superior light quality and energy savings.

All in all, the months of hard work ended up on with a extremely positive ending. (Except the Red Sox winning - don't tell Sylvania I said that!).

Osram Sylvania's 2009 Lightfair Exhibit

Osram Sylvania's 2009 Lightfair Exhibit - The Candy Bar

Osram Sylvania's 2009 Lightfair Exhibit - A busy booth

Osram Sylvania's 2009 Lightfair Exhibit - The Gang pictured left to right: Will Farmer, Bob Sweeney, Chris Harshfield, Joe McCormick

(pictured left to right: Will Farmer, Bob Sweeney, Chris Harshfield, Joe McCormick)

Hot Dogs and Hard Work: Getting Osram Sylvania Ready For Lightfair 2009

by Jerremy J., posted Apr 27th 2009

Creatacor is currently hard at work on Osram Sylvania's exhibit for Lightfair International 2009, which opens May 5 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City.

However, on this beautiful spring day, the Creatacor crew took a few extra minutes for an extended lunch provided by Ian's Franks, a traveling hot dog stand from New Hampshire.

Creatacor employees enjoy hot dogs for lunch

Representatives from Osram Sylvania have been on-site overseeing the exhibit construction and preparing product displays for a few weeks now... Today, they kindly provided the Creatacor staff with this fun (and tasty) lunch.

Bob Sweeney from Osram Sylvania, who organized the lunch, also presented Creatacor employees with custom designed shirts as a thank you for the 2008 Award of Distinction: "Booth Design Concept" that was presented to Osram Sylvania's Trade Show Team, which included Creatacor Exhibits and Displays, 300 Exhibit Services and Platinum Lighting for Osram Sylvania's 2008 Lightfair International exhibit.

2008 Award of Distinction: Booth Design Concept, Lightfair 2008

Many ketchup and mustard stains later, the team got right back to work - as there is still a lot to do before the project ships later this week. This year, Osram Sylvania's exhibit fills a 40' x 50' space and will showcase their lighting products in many individually themed areas including a "Classroom of the Future", the "Innovation Lab", a Toy & Candy Store, a Lounge Area, a LED Gallery and an Outdoor Lighting Area.

Changed web site sighting

by Adam P., posted Apr 20th 2009

If you're reading this message, you've probably noticed the changes to

Here's what we've done, which I must say, is a major overhaul of the site, with three key changes:

1. Larger gallery images

2. More Creatacor personalities

3. A company blog

Why we did what we did:

Larger Image Galleries:
Most of our projects need to be fully experienced to be understood. In lieu of 3-dimensional walkthroughs of each project, we've decided it would be better to offer larger image galleries to our site visitors. When we say larger, we mean both image quantity and image dimensions. Many of our galleries have expanded inventories of 8-10 images, all drastically larger than previous versions of

Increased Personality:
The most significant addition to the new site is the drastic injection of personality. We're approaching almost 50 employees at Creatacor, and nearly everyone is included in the new site. Whether it's a headshot or studio portrait in the "Services" gallery, a candid shot from around the office, or a relaxed moment from Exhibitor we wanted to show you who we are.

Company Blog: Also new is the Creatacor blog. We're calling it a blog, not news, because it's more than just company news. Think of it more as our company journal or "What's on our mind", which is indeed the title of our blog page.

With our blog/journal/diary/confessional, we're able to accomplish numerous marketing objectives such as:

1. Offer a fresh stream of new content to our site to keep users coming back.

2. Shamelessly plug the fact that we are doing work for many of today's best run companies like OSRAM Sylvania, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Watson Pharmaceuticals LEGO and tons more... participating in major exhibitions like Lightfair International, Toyfair, ComiCon and many, many others throughout the world. Plus, we get to talk about all the services we provide from complete tradeshow program management to design and fabrication of retail stores, mall kiosks and special events. (Okay please indulge me, that was a serious plug.)

3. Drive web traffic to our site by increasing our indexable text and taking advantage of key Google search terms, company names and industry phrases, as I thoroughly attempted to do in the above paragraph.

4. Add some personality and flair to the site.

Creatacor's greatest strength is our customer service and small business attitude. Our new site will help us remove corporate facades and help establish better customer relationships in a more personal way.

Take a look around. We would love to be able to include your project in our galleries.

Also, send us your feedback. Love to hear from you. Just send your comments to:


BONUS! A look back at previous versions of

2008: from 2008

2005: from 2005

2001: from 2002

1999: from 1999

1997: from 1997

Creatacor rocks Rock Band 2 road cases

by Rich H., posted Apr 15th 2009

Have you ever been experienced? Well, we have. At least we've been iris Experienced and it's always an experience. When our client iris Experience ( came up with another great concept for their client MTV we were ready to Rock. Andrew Rockman of iris has one of those "how about" minds that is always thinking "how about if we..." and challenged us to design and produce some kick ass Rock Band 2 road cases. Each case had to transport the new Rock Band 2 game and transform into a complete set up in about 15 minutes. Oh, and we are talking all the gear for ALL three gaming systems so these bad boys are ready to Rock for Wii, PS3 & X-Box. Check out the automatic monitor lift. It's sweet. Keep on Rockin' Rock Band!

Check out this case demo video on YouTube:

Ultimate Rock Band 2 Road Cases:

Creatacor debuts on daytime TV

by Lora K., posted Apr 3rd 2009

When the phone rings at Creatacor, you never know what's coming next. This was certainly the case four weeks ago when our clients at Virgin Atlantic ( called with the standard request of "Is this something you guys do?"

Our mission, if we chose to accept, was to provide a simulated flight experience LIVE on ABC's morning show 'The View'. The seats were easy - we currently store and provide logistic services for Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy and Upper Class demos. Locating the simulator was semi-easy - our vendor, Amusitronix ( has provided us with versions of simulated entertainment in the past for other events. ABC allowed us to borrow their prop fuselage and decking. Putting everything together was the challenge. With all of these pieces in place a surreal experience was developed providing the chance to experience flight on the ground.

The purpose of this project was to assist Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host on the show, in overcoming her fear of flying. The day before the simulator segment was taped, Whoopi spent 5 hours in Virgin Atlantics Flying Without Fear Course ( Captain Dom Riley, Director Richard Conway, and Physiotherapist Gillian Harvey-Bush, spent the time addressing her core fears of flying. They also provided her with the information and techniques to cope and feel more confident.

The great thing about this business is the opportunity to tackle new challenges. When it goes well, you love it even more. The people at ABC were absolutely great to work with; not to mention it was very cool to be inside the studio, green rooms, and at the rehearsal. Our clients are always a blast to spend time with, and meeting the Virgin Atlantic and Flying Without Fear crew only added to it.

And we really hope that Whoopi had a great flight to England...with no fear.

Creatacor, Virgin Atlantic, and Whoopi Goldberg in the studio at The View

(Left to right: Captain Dom Riley, Director Richard Conway, Whoopi Goldberg, Flight Attendant Frankie, and Physiotherapist Gillian Harvey-Bush)

The show was broadcast on Wednesday, April 1st – check it out on these YouTube clips:

Part 1:

Part 2:

What happens in Vegas (can be special)

by Chuck L., posted Mar 30th 2009

What a fabulous industry we are a part of. I just returned from the Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas and let me tell you I have never been prouder to be a part of the exhibit and trade show industry. The Exhibitor Show is the premier event in our industry. It’s the event that all trade show professionals gather once a year to share stories, collect leads and nurture solid relationships, clients and vendors alike. From the trade show floor to the private product presentations to hospitality suites, there is never a dull a moment.

My day began on the trade show floor in the brand new exhibit Creatacor designed for EXHIBITOR2009. Paul (Traynor, Live Marketing Talent) is cracking everyone up with his Rock Star persona and presentations. We gather our leads, have good conversations with sales prospects and chatting with the occasional competitor who stops by to compliment us on our presence.

From there we were invited to a private showing of a new, innovative product that will soon hit the market. We listened to the presentation followed by a hand’s on demonstration of this exciting new product offering to be released this summer.

Then it’s back to the room to freshen up and off to dinner with clients. After some great conversation and food, our client expresses his gratitude for the work we have done this past year and notes how much he is looking forward to working with is on future projects. The day ends with a few cocktails at Mandalay Bay’s Eye Candy and some wonderful conversations with prospects and industry experts. Although it seems like this day just started it is time to call it night and get ready for another great day (and night) at the Exhibitor Show.

It was great to see the brood out in Vegas again this year. Granted it was only my second year at the show but by far my most productive. The possibilities that lie ahead are endless and I look forward to turning acquaintances made at EXHIBITOR2009 into long lasting relationships. Now the real work begins!

Energy Rock Star

by Tom L., posted Mar 24th 2009

One of Creatacor's premier customers, OSRAM SYLVANIA, has been recognized by DOE and EPA. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded OSRAM SYLVANIA a 2009 ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award in recognition of its continued leadership in protecting our environment through energy efficiency. OSRAM SYLVANIA’s accomplishments will be recognized at an awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. on March 31, 2009.

OSRAM SYLVANIA will be honored for its long-term commitment to energy efficiency. In 2008, the company cut its energy use by seven percent nationwide and introduced the SYLVANIA Micro-Mini, the smallest ENERGY STAR-rated compact fluorescent light bulb on the market. Across the, top companies and organizations are leading the way toward a more energy-efficient future through participation in ENERGY STAR.

The 2009 Sustained Excellence Awards are given to a select group of organizations that have exhibited outstanding leadership year after year. These winners have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by setting and achieving aggressive goals, employing innovative approaches, and showing others what can be achieved through energy efficiency. These awards recognize ongoing leadership across the ENERGY STAR program including energy-efficient products, services, new homes and buildings in the commercial, industrial and public sectors.

Rocking On in Las Vegas

by Tom L., posted Mar 24th 2009

As we said, we're hanging in Vegas this week at EXHIBITOR2009 or maybe we should say rocking in Vegas. The show kicked off on Monday and so did our favorite headliner, Paul (no not McCartney) Traynor, who drew a crowd for every show telling them about the Rockstar treatment they can expect from Creatacor. Thanks to scripting by Live Marketing and some star-studded visuals produced in-house, the audience was hanging on every word...

Paul Traynor in Creatacor Exhibits and Displays booth at EXHIBITOR2009

We're living large in Las Vegas

by Adam P., posted Mar 24rd 2009

We're hanging out in Vegas this week at Exhibitor 2009 at the Mandalay Bay Casino. We're showcasing our fabrication capabilities with a spiffy new booth, complete with programmable LED lights and audio implementation. Our current marketing campaign slogan is "Are You A Tradeshow Rockstar?" and it's meant to show how Creatacor treats our clients like the tradeshow superstars they really are.

Exhibitor boasts some serious numbers, like playing host to over 6,000 exhibit and event marketing professionals, offering over 200 educational sessions, and showcasing more than 300 industry suppliers.

In 2008, the Creatacor exhibit ranked #2 on the list of "TradeShow Teacher's Top 10 EXHIBITOR2008 Exhibit Picks" according to Linda Musgrave, the "Tradeshow Teacher" and of Exhibit City News. The tradeshow professionals recognize us, and we're proud of that.

Paul Traynor in Creatacor Exhibits and Displays booth at EXHIBITOR2009

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