Creatacor’s sophisticated self-built project management system enables us to closely monitor and control every element of your program or project.

JobCritical™ is a robust suite of program management tools that enables Creatacor to handle all aspects of your jobs, from estimating and purchasing to design, production, logistics, inventory management, and billing.

JobCritical™ trade show job management

JobCritical™ also has an online component called OnCor™, which allows customers to log in and view information about their upcoming projects, view photos of their exhibit inventory, access a searchable database of their graphics (with PDF downloads), and use an ordering and reservations system for active portable exhibit programs.

Completely designed in-house, JobCritical™ is a flexible information management system that can easily accommodate any customer request.

Sophisticated inventory management

As important as your trade show program is to Creatacor, managing and protecting your exhibit assets is a top priority. Every exhibit component is barcoded and scanned for easy access and retrieval. We constantly monitor the status of your exhibit properties through JobCritical™. At any given time, we know where an item is and where it has been. Crates, skids, floor coverings, graphics, etc. each have a unique numeric identifier for quick and easy identification. Detailed shipping and receiving reports are generated and sent to the exhibitor as shipments leave and return to our facility.

Quality control is our highest priority

The JobCritical™ system supports our high quality product and service standards. Account managers, designers, production personnel, and process technicians all access the system, which automatically notifies them of approaching deadlines and task requirements.

This creates an efficient process management/time management situation. Combined with our hands-on inspections and the monitoring by experienced tradeshow crafts-people, the system helps us guarantee quality results.

Cost control

JobCritical™ allows us to track all aspects of a project, especially costs. Daily project cost tracking for everything from design labor, production costs, materials, shipping and logistics, installation & dismantle services and show site services allow us to keep a very close eye on costs and budgets, while protecting you against cost overruns.