A Huge Pile Of Milestones!

Creator Milestones

Well, we’ve been slacking a bit… We’ve had some of our team members recently hit some important Milestones – and we want to tell you about them.

When we started Milestones last year to highlight Creatacor employees that have reached anniversary milestones, Will said, “We can’t say it often enough, it is our team that makes Creatacor such great partners for our clients.”

Let’s start with a 25th anniversary.

Joe Fryer, Estimating and Sourcing Manager

Joe Fryer - 25th Anniversary at Creatacor

To celebrate, we had a great luncheon, at which, Will presented embarrassing photos of Joe. One in particular is famous in Creatacor lore, entitled “The Naked Picnicer”. We’ll just leave it at that…

Gerry had some great things to say about Joe’s service to Creatacor – and after the calls of “SPEECH!”, Joe spoke about how much he’s enjoyed working with everyone and his years at Creatacor.

Congrats Joe!

Joe's 25th anniversary at Creatacor

What’s next? How about a couple of 15s.

Michael “Mikey” Fryer – CNC Operator / Fabricator

Mikey Fryer - 15th anniversary at Creatacor

Mikey expertly runs our CNC machine and works in our Fabrication department. Congrats Mikey!

Quick fun fact: yes, Mikey is related to Joe. One of the jokes told at Joe’s luncheon was that, at one point, everyone in the Fabrication department was related to Joe in some way.

Rich Henaghan – VP Strategic Accounts / Senior Account Executive

Rich Henaghan - 15th anniversary at Creatacor

Among other things, Rich takes care of the company that makes everyone’s favorite construction toy: LEGO. Congrats Rich!

OK, how about a few 10s?

Cathy Miller – Account Manager

Cathy Miller - 10th anniversary at Creatacor

Cathy works closely with many of our clients in support of our Account Execs. Recently, on multiple TV news reports, you may have seen a project Cathy was heavily involved in: the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund’s “The Wall That Heals“. Congrats Cathy!

Tim Lemery – Account Executive

Tim Lemery - 10th anniversary at Creatacor

Tim provides excellent service to many of our local clients – and he also works with national brands like Clifbar and Callaway Golf. Congrats Tim!

Finally, how about some 5s? Let’s start in the Design Department.

Moira Driscoll – Graphics Manager

Moira Driscoll - 5th anniversary at Creatacor

Moira oversees our 2D design – and is responsible for creating the superb graphical look in our exhibits. Congrats Moira!

Jason Saunders – Graphic Production Traffic Manager / Graphic & 3D Designer

Jason Saunders - 5th anniversary at Creatacor

Along with holding the longest job title here at Creatacor, Jason manages our in-house graphic production and designs in 2D and 3D. Congrats Jason!

On to our Fabrication and Logistics departments…

Don Sicker – Exhibit Welder

Don Sicker - 5th anniversary at Creatacor

Although Don’s official title is Exhibit Welder, you’d also find him providing the Fabrication department with many other skills such as assembling exhibits or wiring panels. Congrats Don!

Tim King – Logistics Senior Technician

Tim King - 5th anniversary at Creatacor

Tim manages his Logistics team in inventorying, packing, shipping, inspecting and storing exhibits in support of many of our clients, including LEGO. Congrats Tim!

So, how’s that for a HUGE pile of Milestones?

Good job all!


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