Adapting, Adjusting, Advancing: Looking Ahead In The Ever-Changing Events Industry

As we head into the final months of 2020, looking back on the past year is difficult. The events industry has taken a hit that no one saw coming, and may still have a long way to go to recover. If Covid has taught the world anything, it’s that everything can change in an instant. A large part of what Covid has taught us at Creatacor, is that you have to do what so many people in our industry are doing: PIVOT. Like our clients, vendors, competitors, and partners, we have had to expand our horizons, adapt to our surroundings, and learn new things about an industry we consider ourselves experts in.

Throughout these past 8 months we have dove in head first to see how we can help, and where we fit into the “new norm” as face-to-face sales and trade shows remain at a halt. From providing COVID solutions to assisting our clients with permanent installations, retail, and even branding, we have proven time and time again that we are ready and willing to take on something new. Quite often we are hearing from our clients “You’re the only ones who thought of that” “Nobody else came up with that solution” Those are the upsides to having new challenges to solve and fresh eyes and ideas. Lucky for us, our staff is 100% ready for the fight — a team of driven coworkers who are always willing to help where help is needed.

Unfortunately due to covid, we have had to downsize our staff and adjust internally as well. This means employees assisting in other departments and expanding skill sets – delegating tasks to people who may be less familiar, in order to get the job done. This week our Design Manager, with the help of the rest of the creative team, led a Virtual Vinyl Training, or VVT as we are calling it. Project managers and members of the logistics team took part in learning the ins and outs of prepping vinyl graphics, as well as the application process. By doing so, this will allow other employees to assist and gain experience in other areas of our industry, help out another department if their workload is at a lull, and lets the design team get back to what they do best– designing!

Creatacor staff vinyl training

With people working from home and in and out of the office, virtual meetings are now more prevalent than ever. There have been training sessions, webinars, and video conferences happening all around the world as our industry, and many others navigate, next steps during this unpredictable time. To lower the amount of staff in the building, we too have some employees working from home a few days a week. By continuing to organize virtual training internally, it allows us to expand our staff’s knowledge no matter where they are.

We hope to soon all be back in the building, learning side by side, and preparing for our next big trade show. Until then, we will continue to work together to provide the best experience and service possible for our clients, no matter what that may look like.