“All In” Week, June 2023, Day 2

In an effort to get our entire team together, we came up with the concept of “All In” week. For the week of June 19 – 23 we have all remote team members at the office in Clifton Park and we suspended WFH for the week so we could all be face to face to strengthen the bonds that tie us together. Our second activity was axe throwing and James Mallek provided a great wrap up for us here:

Steel and ash wood handles flew fast and easy at The Axe Lounge in Schenectady, NY on Tuesday.  The exact winners and losers blur in my memory as we played through a half dozen different games.

Humans Vs Zombies – two teams, each throw at the same time.  Like a tug of war, teams points cancel each other out.  Zombies win if they reach -15 points and Humans at +15 points.

This much is clear, Team Human won every round.  To everyone not living in a zomb-ocalypse right now…

Cricket – each team must land 3 hits in each point zone on the bullseye.

A huge challenge to everyone who just started throw axes 45min previously and hasn’t gotten “aiming down.”

Rochambeau – each team tries to get to 50 points.  Each time they throw they can use their points to cancel out part of another teams total.

This one was utter chaos.  All the vendettas of previous games came out in full force.  That said, I have no idea who won. It wasn’t my team, sorry Team #3, aka the Fightin’ Threes.


King of the Hill— where The Axe Lounge owners and employees challenged each of us to a one and done bulleye throw, closest to the called target wins.

Surprising no one, given their showing at mini golf, Lorenzo and Andrew were steely eyed axe men, nailing their targets and walking away with $15 gift cards.  In total 5 folks on the Creatacor team nailed the target.  I fumbled my throws and walked away with nothing, which felt very unfair.

It was a great day and a fun new experience for most of us.  Looking forward to what All In Week brings next!