“All In” Week, June 2023, Day 3

In an effort to get our entire team together, we came up with the concept of “All In” week. For the week of June 19 – 23 we have all remote team members at the office in Clifton Park and we suspended WFH for the week so we could all be face to face to strengthen the bonds that tie us together. Our third activity was our Estimating & Sourcing Manager Joe Fryer’s 30th anniversary and James Mallek provided a great wrap up for us here:

The events of thirty years ago were world changing, Beanie Babies first went on sale, Slovakia gained independence from Czechoslovakia, and Joe Fryer started at Creatacor.  As is the tradition among my people (read: Creatacor), great events are celebrated with Testos!  A catered lunch of Meatballs, Baked Ziti, Sausage and Peppers, and Italian Salad fed the crowd.

Again, as per long established tradition, we ended with a thank you to Joe, pounded on tables demanding a speech, and then pounded on the table demanding stories of old projects (ideally with embarrassing photos).

Joe Fryer

There was a short break to accommodate meetings and phone calls, even for Joe business can’t come to a complete halt.  But then the Games!

Paper Airplane Contest (farthest flight wins)
Winners: JamesJimmy, and Julian

One-Minute-One-Handed LEGO Tower Contest (tallest of all-est wins)
Winner: Stephen

Musical Chairs (do I need to explain this one?)
Winner: Brandon

These were all hard fought contests, but few thrills can top a room full of adults competing to sit down!