Brandon Builds A 3D Printer

Our Creatacor fabricators pride themselves on not only building quality products, but also on keeping up with the latest technology that can help create efficiencies in the shop. Our own CNC guru, Brandon, took this a step further and built his own 3D printer. He brought it into the shop for a few days to test out his new work.

Brandon’s project started with a family trip to the MakerFaire in Queens, NY. His kids were really impressed with the 3D printers. Brandon explored kits to buy but felt that it would be more interesting to source parts and build his own. “I chose the delta axis design printer over the cartesian because I wanted to learn a new machine type and it looked cool. I wanted a printer to make prototype parts for other projects,” said Brandon.

The printer is based on the RepRap Rostock design, and took about a month to source parts and build.

So how is Brandon putting the printer to use? “Right now my daughter Sophia is printing cat pieces for a checker set. And my son Alex wants to make parts for his Star Wars toy collection.”

Check out the video below to see it in action… unreal!

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