Chalk It Up To The Kids

When you’re an account executive and you work with clients for many years, the lines get blurred between the company you are paid by and those who you work for almost every day. Case in point, working with SYLVANIA, I have brought home my share of premiums over the years and they have always been popular with my kids. SYLVANIA has some great stuff from LED color changing keychains to Dot-It lights to glow sticks to solar flashlights – so needless to say, during a power outage, we are never in the dark.

Well last spring during the a very busy time for SYLVANIA with International Sign Show, SPECS, Showest and of course Lightfair all being worked on at various stages, my family was inundated with SYLVANIA and I learned of the impact my work has on my kids. Coming home after a long and challenging day of work, my two kids are on the driveway with chalk in hand and big smiles on their faces. While there were some typical kid drawings, the biggest was a promotion for with their own tagline, “Go online today. Buy a light.”

I had to have a picture which I immediately sent over to my contact at SYLVANIA. He posted it on his office wall where it was noticed by one of the marketing people who works on the quarterly newsletter, PRISM. Before we know it, my kids and their marketing campaign make it into the newsletter for over 40,000 OSRAM SYLVANIA employees worldwide to view. Very cool!

SYLVANIA PRISM Newsletter featuring Creatacor's Account Executive Will Farmer's children.

[Article scanned from PRISM newsletter]

By the way, Tom, the guy who I work for, is still waiting for my kids to do a Creatacor design. 🙂

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