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If you’re reading this message, you’ve probably noticed the changes to

Here’s what we’ve done, which I must say, is a major overhaul of the site, with three key changes:

1. Larger gallery images

2. More Creatacor personalities

3. A company blog

Why we did what we did:

Larger Image Galleries: Most of our projects need to be fully experienced to be understood. In lieu of 3-dimensional walkthroughs of each project, we’ve decided it would be better to offer larger image galleries to our site visitors. When we say larger, we mean both image quantity and image dimensions. Many of our galleries have expanded inventories of 8-10 images, all drastically larger than previous versions of

Increased Personality: The most significant addition to the new site is the drastic injection of personality. We’re approaching almost 50 employees at Creatacor, and nearly everyone is included in the new site. Whether it’s a headshot or studio portrait in the “Services” gallery, a candid shot from around the office, or a relaxed moment from Exhibitor we wanted to show you who we are.

Company Blog: Also new is the Creatacor blog. We’re calling it a blog, not news, because it’s more than just company news. Think of it more as our company journal or “What’s on our mind”, which is indeed the title of our blog page.

With our blog/journal/diary/confessional, we’re able to accomplish numerous marketing objectives such as:

1. Offer a fresh stream of new content to our site to keep users coming back.

2. Shamelessly plug the fact that we are doing work for many of today’s best run companies like OSRAM Sylvania, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Watson Pharmaceuticals LEGO and tons more… participating in major exhibitions like Lightfair International, Toyfair, ComiCon and many, many others throughout the world. Plus, we get to talk about all the services we provide from complete tradeshow program management to design and fabrication of retail stores, mall kiosks and special events. (Okay please indulge me, that was a serious plug.)

3. Drive web traffic to our site by increasing our indexable text and taking advantage of key Google search terms, company names and industry phrases, as I thoroughly attempted to do in the above paragraph.

4. Add some personality and flair to the site.

Creatacor’s greatest strength is our customer service and small business attitude. Our new site will help us remove corporate facades and help establish better customer relationships in a more personal way.

Take a look around. We would love to be able to include your project in our galleries.

Also, send us your feedback. Love to hear from you. Just send your comments to: [email protected].


BONUS! A look back at previous versions of

2008: from 2008

2005: from 2005

2001: from 2001

1999: from 1999

1997: from 1997

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