Creatacor At EXHIBITORLIVE 2016

EXHIBITORLIVE 2016 has come to a close and all of us on the Creatacor team had a great week!

We so enjoyed making new acquaintances – those we met through our scheduled booth appointments at Mandalay Bay and those we met at the informal Tuesday morning breakfast we hosted in the Mojave Boardroom at the Four Seasons Hotel. Engaging conversations, fun stories, learning about varied trade show programs and having the opportunity to share Creatacor’s story. Great week!

We were also very proud to showcase a new booth this year – one that was designed and produced out of all scrap wood and materials from our Shop. We kept that wood theme going with our custom wood shadow box tables and reception counter. We received many, many compliments on our booth and we so appreciated everyone’s comments.

Creatacor's custom exhibit for EXHIBITORLIVE 2016

Robert from our Design team explains their idea for the exhibit:

“As the wall concept started to coalesce it shifted from an expression of ‘being green’ to one of reclaiming our own efforts. Each board on the wall is cut from remnants of past projects and is representative of all we have achieved as a company in our 27 year history. At the time the Exhibitor booth was finished we had completed 13,331 projects and this is recognized in the tile of what we see as a work of art. ‘13,331 Endeavors’ wall and this booth is a celebration of each department and every employee’s amazing work coming together to form something we are proud to call our own.”

Check out the team working to put this exhibit together:

Creatacor's custom exhibit for EXHIBITORLIVE 2016

Creatacor's custom exhibit for EXHIBITORLIVE 2016

So as we say goodbye to EXHIBITORLIVE 2016, we now look forward to building new relationships with all of you that we had the opportunity to speak with. We’ll also task our Design team to start thinking about EXHIBITORLIVE 2017. Who knows what awesome ideas they’ll come up with next!

To see some additional photos from the show floor and our breakfast event, check out our EXHIBITORLIVE 2016 album on Flickr.

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