Creatacor Celebrating the Holidays

Ah, the Holiday Season…

Here at Creatacor, we do quite a bit to celebrate the holidays. It’s a great time to share some personal time with our friends and coworkers. It all started about three weeks ago when the staff started asking for our collection of festive holiday tunes to be piped through the phone system. Give us a call – while you are on-hold, you could hear anything from Alvin & The Chipmunks to Yanni.


Soon after we started working on our annual Holiday Card. Last year, we used our CNC machine to cut blue tinted acrylic into 3D snowflakes:

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Creatacor Holiday Card 2008

This year, we decided to create an animated e-card. On Friday, we sent out about 500 emails with our holiday greetings to our customers and suppliers. We did get a few bounce-backs – so if you are one of our valued partners, and you did not receive the email, our apologies. Tom and Jess put a lot of work into the animation. We hope you enjoy it! See if you can identify those you know in the ‘Creatacor Choir’.

Creatacor's 2009 Holiday E-Card

Later that day, after the cards went out, Creatacor closed a little early… It was time to have some fun… Something a little different this year. Our usual staff dinner was replaced with a family bowling party at the Spare Time Bowling Lanes in Clifton Park. Our entire staff and their families gathered to knock down a few pins as well as a few beers. The competition was on… Seasoned bowlers and gutter-ballers combined to see who could out-do who. Fun was had by all as this video will attest:

Haha – what a fun time. Looks like everyone had a great time, even the little ones are (cute!).

Finally, before we close for the Christmas holiday… The Creatacor Holiday Food Fest begins. As is tradition would have it, the staff will bring in some of their favorite home made dishes and snacks for all to sample.

To kick it off on Monday, The Omelette King paid a visit cooking made to order omelettes. Today and tomorrow we’ll see cookies, cakes, Danny’s Empanadas, chips, dips, Carp’s Chili and TONS of other goodies. We’ll get a jump on putting on our winter weight.

It’s shaping up to be a very busy start to the year – and we can’t wait. But before all that happens – we’d like to wish you a safe and merry Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.

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