Creatacor CEO Gerry Glynn Celebrates His 30th Anniversary!

Congratulations to our CEO, Gerry Glynn, as today he celebrates his 30th anniversary with Creatacor!

Gerry Glynn, Creatacor CEO

On this day 30 years ago, Creatacor was entering its fifth year in business, and we only had about 10 employees. Our one designer needed some extra hands and called his friend Gerry, who he had met at Pratt Institute, to come into the office and help him out. As the owner, Tom, was on vacation, Gerry worked for free just to get some experience. As soon as Tom returned, he added Gerry to the team officially.

After a short time in design, Tom saw something in Gerry, and chose him to lead our relatively new logistics and fabrication department.  Under Gerry’s leadership, the department grew, and it eventually split into two separate groups – leading Creatacor to became a true full-service exhibit house. As we grew, Gerry played a major role in planning the move to a larger building – not once but twice. Quite the challenge when dealing with thousands of cubic feet of client’s exhibit inventory.

Gerry along with his two partners Linda and Will, purchased the company in 2015, and he became the CEO.  Under his leadership, the company achieved the highest revenue in company history in 2019. We all know what happened in 2020, both to our world and the event industry, but thanks to his efforts in looking at all avenues to keep us going, we are building back stronger than ever.

So congratulations Gerry on 30 years! We are glad to have you lead the team and look forward to more future success.