Creatacor Earns 4 Finalists In 2017 Albany Addy Awards

We are at it again.

Together, the design team collectively put our heads together to come up with ideas as to what should be presented to the ADDYs for a possible win. And we were happy to submit quite a few of our designs.

The ADDYs, hosted by the Albany Ad Club, is the local version of the American Advertising Awards. Creatives from around the Capital Region come together to compete in the annual awards show. Win a gold here, and your work will compete at regionals, then potentially on to a national level, with all sorts of agencies from around the world. The competition will be fierce and we are hoping for yet another gold to compete nationally.

We have been nominated three times for the Single Installations Category.

Our first finalist for review is the exhibit space we had engineered for a wonderful client, DSM. DSM approached Creatacor to design and fabricate a 40’x40’ exhibit promoting their new advanced Omega-3 fish oil pills at the Supply Side West show in Las Vegas. DSM is an international company active in health, nutrition and materials. Their efforts reach a variety of global markets and we were ready to help them promote not only a product but a brand feeling as well.

DSM 1 ADDY Awards 2017

We set out to bring the look and tranquility of water to the show floor through the use of graphic and sculptural imagery supported with strong lighting effects. Centrally featured was their large seamless video wall spanning 14 feet. Flanked on each side hung two 80 inch vertical monitors to help support their central message.

DSM 1 ADDY Awards 2017

Drawing in the crowd from afar, newly designed graphics wrapped a two tiered hanging sign with two twenty foot curved banners at each opposing side. Below all counters were accented with blue LED lighting at the base.

Integrated into the 1600 square footprint, a uniquely designed augmented reality sculpted fish was featured. The fish crafted from foam and hand painted was propped above their featured Omega-3 fish oil pills sandwiched in wavy clear acrylic creating the illusion of water. The lighting above the counter helped support this effort. The counter surrounding the piece held six accessible iPads. An easy method in attracting the user to help interact with their product and promotional needs.

DSM 1 ADDY Awards 2017

Our second finalist nominated was for the golf giant, Callaway. Continuing our partnership with Callaway Golf we designed two 94’ x 75’ booth spaces for the PGA Merchandise show focusing on new products and collaborations. Callaway Golf is one of the largest manufacturers of golf related equipment and apparel with the mission of passionately pursuing advanced, innovative technologies that help golfers of all abilities find more enjoyment from the game. The theme of the show was “Forgiveness Meets Fast” in which they announced the new XR club. Callaway designers and engineers collaborated with Boeing to create the most aerodynamic club on the market today, and we wanted to translate that innovative advancement into visual impact within the booth.

Callaway Golf 1 ADDY Awards 2017

From the distance a 40’ long airplane hung above the booth, made in tension fabric and projection mapped provided draw and interest into the booth. Hung around the perimeter were 24’ high printed fabric giving the space an environment of its own separate from the rest of the exhibitors. Once inside attendees are presented with a multitude of displays and experiences.

Callaway Golf 1 ADDY Awards 2017

Fabricated tiered bag displays, 60’ of slat wall along a curved surface, and floor club displays all gave Callaway ample space to display their product in a interesting and flexible way. All the while the virtual driving bays, putting green, and Callaway talks interview station gave unique experiences.

Callaway Golf 3 ADDY Awards 2017

Callaway Golf 4 ADDY Awards 2017

And our third nomination for the Single Installation Category is MINDBODY.

MINDBODY is a customer we have had the privilege of working with for a few years now. They are a leading provider of cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry.

MINDBODY came to us this past Fall looking for a booth design refresh. They were looking to gear themselves to a new market and our goal was simple; design an exhibit that represents what our client encompasses…”an innovative and game-changing technology company that’s warm, friendly and inviting.” With thoughts of innovation, organic, forward thinking, energy…we moved forward conceptualizing and addressing all their needs.

MINDBODY ADDY 1 Awards 2017

As you looked around the IHRSA show you could say MINDBODY stood out from the rest. Unlike most exhibit spaces we provided a very relaxed and open perimeter with a custom fabricated lounge and phone charging station that starts the emersion of the attendee into a natural environment that eased the contrast to the advanced networking technology being interacted with.

MINDBODY ADDY 2 Awards 2017

Multiple demo stations were fabricated that showed the diversity of the app technology along various platforms. Each station featured backlit printed fabric towers that pulsed with an app driven lighting that cycled brand colors. A strong solid color pallet and wood grains alongside real birch branches created a feeling unlike anything we have done before. While monitors, computers, tablets and phones, allowed for booth wide access to demos.

Nope. We are not done yet. There is yet another.

We also submitted for the Service Sales Promotion Category. We had created a personalized campaign for a RNRG. An exciting fun client that we are so happy to be working with. Renewable NRG was in the market for a new exhibit house to work with, but instead of looking for one show, they were interested in forming a partnership. It was a unique opportunity to promote our capabilities in a creative way. Renewable NRG is a Vermont based company that serves multiple stages of wind and solar energy project development, as well as, develop energy measurement products.

Our goal was to provide multiple avenues of addressing the client’s concerns along with a physical example of what our design and fabrication departments are capable of without any direction. The digital component is a web presentation that has sub sections that answers a multitude of questions proposed by the potential client. Amongst these sections were services, workflow, and a curated portfolio with a highlight being the “Meet the Team” page. Introducing just a headshot with a simple bio did not lead itself to put forth our creative nature. Instead we featured stylized photography of personal objects alongside employee information and personal quotes as to what was the meaning behind the objects depicted.

Renewable NRG Systems 1 ADDY Awards 2017

To support the website to Renewable NRG, we sent a hand made box that included printed limestone coasters, a thank you plexi card and a “pop-up” of their headquarters located in scenic Vermont. The box itself is reclaimed wood that opens up into a scene of four layers. Each layer represents each layer of 3D design production. The first layer is a line drawing of solar panels, the second layer is a rendering of the facade, the third layer is rotating 3d printed wind turbines, all in front of a scenic backdrop of autumnal Vermont. We enjoyed the opportunity to go green in the making of this box in using only reclaimed or upcycled materials.

Renewable NRG Systems 2 ADDY Awards 2017

Creatacor works hard every year, and with every client, to ensure a wonderful experience in every event and exhibit we develop. These are just a few of the marketing experiences we provide that we are proud to represent us. Whether we win or not, we have great respect for all the nominees and wish the creative community good luck on their noms. We look forward to mingling with them in March.


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