Creatacor Expanding the Possibilities for New York Students

What do you want to be when you grow-up? This question often frustrates young people who are still in school – they just don’t know. Their interests and talents may vary greatly and lack of experience leaves them questioning. Many people who are mid-career and established still don’t know what they want to “be”! Perhaps the issue lies in the way the question is phrased – instead shouldn’t we focus on how to continually learn, adapt, and seek new opportunities while we grow-up throughout our careers?

The world is ever-changing as technology advances and traditional career paths shift. Companies like Creatacor model how a collective team evolves – integrating new technologies and increasing capacity, while creating amazing designs along the way. Introducing current High School and College students to new possibilities where they can apply what they’re learning is something that Creatacor cares about.

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a visit from the Capital Region BOCES Entertainment Technology class. The students had a great time learning about how we operate as teams and work together. They especially enjoyed visiting our fabrication facilities where they got to see various tools and the CNC Router in action. Having students on-site gives them first-hand knowledge and understanding of how communication and teamwork are vital – combining everyone’s skills and talents results in high-end products (and happy clients!). It was rewarding to see that the visit inspired the students.

Creatacor’s fabrication department.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at SUNY New Paltz where I completed my M.F.A. in 2016. It was an honor to be invited back to give a lecture to the students in the Digital Design & Fabrication (DDF) program and visit my professors. I spoke about my experiences since graduation – from participating in scientific research to designing here at Creatacor there were a couple of important themes. Regardless of all the great technological skills students will acquire in school, the ability to communicate is the key! Whether you’re an engineer or an artist, honing your ability to sketch-out ideas and communicate them effectively while maintaining a collaborative attitude leads to new opportunities and cohesive projects. Also, real-world projects will always have set parameters, learning how to work effectively and develop problem-solving strategies will lead to unique and creative solutions. Encouraging students to embrace parameters and challenges through creative problem-solving is something that can translate into any career. The students were excited about the Creatacor projects I shared, it was a fun opportunity to show them more about our processes.

Olivia presenting to New Paltz students.

Sketching and communicating happens throughout each day at Creatacor. The iterative process of bringing big ideas to life will always start with a conversation, pencil, and paper. Continued commitment to communication and collaboration mean that here at Creatacor we are always changing, we never have to officially grow-up, and student visits are always welcome!

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