Creatacor In The Times Union

Creatacor will be expanding our location this summer and the Times Union noticed. They came in to do a story a few weeks back giving us some great coverage on the front page of the Sunday Business section. Their timing was perfect as we were busy with several projects, the largest being OSRAM SYLVANIA’s participation at Lightfair International held in Philadelphia. All areas were humming along as we were days from shipping the 5,600 square foot exhibit. Even our customer made the photos section as Ruby Rubenstahl, a Traxon programmer, was here for a full week programming the Traxon portion of the exhibit. All the prep did make for a great show.

Gerry and I meet with Eric Anderson of the TU and were able to get our ugly mugs on the front page as well while Linda and Tom, our two partners, were conveniently unavailable for the photo. Fortunately, they used Moira, one of our graphic designers, for the large photo as she is much more photogenic.

While the TU is a local paper, you have to love the power and reach of the internet. The story came out while setting up Lightfair in Philadelphia yet one of the OSRAM sales reps from Boston congratulated me for the great article and was truly impressed. He has google alerts for SYLVANIA so he saw the story the morning it came out. He didn’t realize all the work we did or the great clients we get to work with everyday.

A big thanks to the TU for providing us this exposure. We are proud to be of the Capital District as well as associated with such great clients!

The full article is avalable on the Time Union website: “Creations that exhibit a flair for design”.

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