Creatacor launches

Hello exhibitors.

Today, we’d like to announce the launch of a new website:… a site designed to showcase some of our most popular pre-made exhibits. Logo

Now, depending on who you ask, these displays are called: portables, stock, pre-made, modular, pop-ups, display systems, etc. The debate rages on here at Creatacor headquarters… But really what they are ideas and suggested solutions for your face-to-face marketing needs.

While we do have some examples of these displays in our Creatacor gallery, we wanted to group them all together and differentiate them from our custom exhibit offerings to give our customers a place to see our [portables, stock, pre-made, modular, pop-ups, display systems] all in one place.

On we have an excellent selection of our best selling:

Banner Stands

Table Top Displays

Pop-Up Displays

Tension Fabric Displays

Modular Displays

Hanging Signs

Outdoor and Event Displays

Display Accessories

Banner StandsTable TopsPop-Up DisplaysTension Fabric Displays

Modular DisplaysHanging SignsOutdoor and Event DisplaysDisplay Accessories

All are listed with informative descriptions, photos and pricing to give you an idea if the display will work well for your event – and fit within your budget.

These displays have numerous applications (A-ha!, that’s where dispayapps came from):

• Budget conscience exhibiting

• Quick and easy setups

• Lower shipping and drayage costs

• Add accessories to your existing display

• Great for a busy show or event schedule (regional programs)

• Easy to maintain

• Inexpensive and easy to change your look in the future (new graphics or fabric wraps)

Also keep in mind that each of these displays comes with Creatacor’s excellent customer service. We’ll not only work with you to select the best display for your event or trade show – we’ll offer you all of the many services Creatacor provides, including graphic design, printing, shipping, on-site install and dismantle service, etc. We’ll help you with everything you need to have a successful trade show or event. Visit Creatacor’s Services page to read about all the services we offer.

So please, take a look at our new site and give us a call about your new display – be it a portable, stock, pre-made, modular, pop-up, display system – we’ll be glad to help.

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