Creatacor Luncheon & Staff Meeting

Today was the day for the semi-annual staff meeting at Creatacor.

After a quick lunch, all of our employees – including our out-of-towners – squeezed into the conference room for CEO Tom Lemery’s presentation. Tom had quite a lot of information to discuss with us.

Creatacor Staff Meeting

First, he gave us a recap of the measures that were put in place in early 2009 to prepare us for a tough year based on the economic climate at that time. The end result was good news: 2009 was our best year ever. The GREAT news is that 2010 is projected to surpass 2009!

Then Tom and Will shared numerous quotes from our customers praising our work and customer service – which are always nice to hear. It’s great to hear about how well the show or event was from our customer’s perspective. Sure, we usually get to see the pretty picture of the trade show exhibit or marketing event, but it’s really rewarding hearing the comments from our clients.

Next, Tom talked about initiatives that we will be working on to continue to grow the business… Lots of fun stuff that I can’t talk about yet – but you’ll be hearing more about them soon.

So – all great news all around. We are looking forward to the next half of 2010!

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