Creatacor “Milestones”: Celebrating People

It’s springtime in Clifton Park and we know we can consistently count on summer like weather one day followed by snow flurries the next day, got to love upstate New York. Another constant is Lightfair (disregard last year as this was strange blip on the radar) to keep the whole building humming along at full speed.

As I write this, we are in the final days preparing the load out to Philadelphia. Rob Cilic of LEDVANCE has been with us the last week and in his words while he was here, “This is why I pushed for Creatacor, I knew I would get the support and experience required to pull off this sucker.”

During this same week, Denise Kartman sent a nice thank you to the team for a job well done on Global Pet Expo. Also, our contact for The Wall That Heals Vietnam Memorial was working on his display in Logistics and remarked how helpful our team was during his visit.

We can’t say it often enough, it is our team that makes Creatacor such great partners for our clients. Thank you all for the hard work and dedication. In regards to Rob’s comment, our experience is crucial and we have some special milestones to celebrate this year…

Creator Milestones

Robert - 5 Years of service to Creatacor

Robert J Herold… Our Five Year Creative

Robert initially joined the CREATACOR team in Fabrication. Great with his hands, he was an easy fit to help our production team. As our business grew, so did a new position for Robert to fill as a Detailer for the Design Group. Having knowledge in both fields of fabrication and design, he helped bridge the gap between the two departments. Today, he is a designer with a focus on engineering and construction. He takes conceptual drawings and provides the details and specifications needed for the build; helping expedite production and services.

Robert graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from SUNY Purchase School of Art+Design. He has studied site specific sculpture under artist Donna Dennis. Robert has worked in New York City for ten years as an artist and fabricator with a focus on wood, glass, and metal media. As a personal note, he enjoys making guitars and playing video games.

Roland - 20 Years of service to Creatacor

Roland Dubrey… Our 20 Year Veteran

Roland brings overall 30 years of management experience to his Logistics team here at CREATACOR. For the majority of the last two decades, he has spent his time managing our warehouse/logistics operations. He is in charge of all aspects of clients’ properties, not only here in the states, but worldwide. This includes shipping, storage, and inventory control. Roland has helped maintain and expand our rental division and continues to accept more operational tasks and processes as CREATACOR has continued to grow.

With a personal addition, Roland spends his personal time with his wife and two kids and enjoys using his hands by constructing home décor with the usage of found materials.

Julian - 10 Years of service to Creatacor

Julian Colbert… Purchasing Re”sorcerer” for 10 Years

Our design team was busy and in need of some detail help. Julian was hired to help fill that void but as time moved forward, so did Julian. In the trade show and event world there are always odds and unique ends that need solutions. Julian became a great resource; his ingenuity and great skills in locating the particulars and finding them at low cost had created himself a nice niche in the Purchasing and Estimating department. It should also be noted that Julian was the moving force for Creatacor in locating the Thermwood CNC machine to which we use on a daily basis. So when you are in a bind and can’t find that thing-a-ma-bob… just ask Julian.

Did I mention that Julian used to live in Hawaii but returned to civilization to come work with us up here in Albany, New York? Today Julian has returned to the heat and lives in Houston, Texas. He traded in his wool scarf for some cowboy boots and Stetson hat. Yeehaw!

Here at CREATACOR, we often talk about our advantage being the people that work here. A major reason is the commitment our employees make to both our clients and the CREATACOR team. Of our staff, 40% have at least 10 years of service, 26% with at least 15 years, and 7 staff members have 20+ years!

I can say with great appreciation and gratitude… thank you for all your hard work and service.


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