Creatacor Earns 3 Finalists In 2016 Albany Addy Awards

Here at Creatacor, we were happy to learn that three of our entries to the 2016 Albany Addy Awards were selected as finalists.

Albany Ad Club's 2016 Albany Addy logo

From the Albany Ad Club’s website, describing the Addy Awards:

“Of course clients come first. Of course their praise means everything to you. Still, an award for your great work would be nice. A national award would be amazing. Each year, The Ad Club hosts the ADDY Awards—the local version of the American Advertising Awards—in a gala celebration of the year’s best work. Win here, and your entry competes in the national show with work from all sorts of agencies, in all sorts of media, from all over the world.”

Our first finalist is in the Special Event Materials category for our Summer Soirée event:

Creatacor Albany Addy 2016 nomination - Soiree

The collateral submitted in this entry are supporting materials for a self-promotional event that we had held to engage both current and potential clients. The goal was to promote creativity and craftsmanship. We intended to do this by using materials that could be found daily in our fabrication shop, and going with more natural feel in using canvas bags. The invitations were designed and laser etched into small wood panels. As each guest entered, they were given a canvas bag with a small project to work on. Inside each bag included basic instructions, as well as pieces that would eventually become their own hand made drink caddie. The caddies were also branded with our company’s logo, as well as a thank you for their participation. Each client was able to walk away with a memento of the event, as well as 6 craft beers and/or ciders!

Our next two finalists are in the Installations category. First, the Primaloft Showroom:

Creatacor Albany Addy 2016 nomination - Primaloft

The Primaloft Showroom design was a unique opportunity. Primaloft is an industry leader in comfort solutions, with their insulation being used in industries from outdoor sports to in home goods. The client was looking to create a one of a kind area that captures the look and feel of the Primaloft brands well as serving as education tool for their visitors. The visitor would be educated by four main areas in the showroom: Timeline wall for company history, Mission Statement wall, “Lab Area” for hands on product demos, and a large product display wall that shows how their product is currently being used in the market.

Timeline Wall: Creatacor developed a one of a kind timeline wall that helps explain the company history. The viewer is guided by an illuminated tube, of the client’s product, from the beginning of the company history to present date. A red plexi glass icon, description of the event, as well as an artifact calls out each milestone or key moment.

Mission Statement Wall: A large typographic mountain range mural composed of text from the Primaloft mission statement range fills the left side of the wall. The right side of the wall highlights the key words of the company’s brand values as an interactive artistic piece. Words are taken literally, where the words “Feel Good” and “Human Touch” are can actually be touched, as they were created using actual Primaloft fleece and insulation.

Lab Area: The Primaloft product is broken down into three main types, so we created three “Lab Stations” which provide demos on each type of produce. The visitor can have a hands on education on each product as well as compare it to the competitor. Each station has its own “industry test” for each product, such as a air pump for breathability, or a cooling tray for a warmth demo.

Product Display Wall: The Product display wall was created using a high-end wall system equipped with plexi glass shelves and large format second surface graphics. We even created a small bed to help display their comforters and bedding materials!

Our third and final nomination, also in the Installations category, is the Central Garden and Pet trade show exhibit:

Creatacor Albany Addy 2016 nomination - Central Garden and Pet

Central Garden and Pet was looking for a revamp to the their tradeshow presence and Creatacor was up to the challenge. The booth is meant to be a space for all of the CGP brands to showcase their new products. The booth highlighted over 20 brands and their unique products, from dog toys to equine medicine. The 50’ x 80’ exhibit features a mix of materials from fabric, powder coated metal extrusion, and large format vinyl graphics. The booth also boasts modularity, as it can be broken down to smaller exhibit floor plans.

On the interior and exterior of each wall section, the sub brands were able to display their product. This posed a challenge as each brand had unique needs. Each product area was adjustable to accommodate the each of the sub brands. They were also given the option to place lockable vitrines over the product, incase there was a security issue.

The 2016 Albany Addy Awards Dinner will be held at The Vista at Van Patten Country Club in Clifton Park on March 11th. We’ll let you know how we do!


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