Creatacor’s 2nd Annual Ugly Holiday Attire Contest – WINNERS!

We dressed up, and you voted… Here are the winners:

With 45% of the vote, Jerremy (Christmas Tree Sweater) is the 2013 Creatacor Ugly Holiday Attire Contest Winner!

Todd (The Grinch) came in 2nd with 17% of the vote and Lora (Human Christmas Tree) came in 3rd with 11%.

Our random voter winner is:


We’ll be contacting you so we can send you your $25 gift card. Thanks to everyone that voted!

Creatacor's 2nd Annual Ugly Holiday Attire Contest

[Click on the photo for a larger version]

1. Lora

– Best Comment: “Mad props to the human tree!!” – Anonymous

2. Jerremy

– Best Comment: “That sweater really compliments that beard!” – Cathy

3. Will

– Best Comment: “Ninja Turtles—Delivering a Christmas beat down…Classic” – Julian

4. Matt:

– Best Comment: “His sweater must be so ugly he’s afraid to show it!” – Anonymous

5. Kyle

Best Comment: “The sweater goes with his mustache.” – Anonymous

6. Todd

– Best Comment: “You’re as cuddly as a cactus, You’re as charming as an eel, Mr. Grinch. You’re a bad banana with a greasy black peel.” – Crystal

7. Courtney

Best Comment: “The hat makes it!” – Anonymous

8. Megan

Best Comment: “Not one but TWO ugly sweaters!” – Anonymous

9. Jean

Best Comment: No votes with comments.

10. Linda

Best Comment: “I voted for her only because I know she hates getting her photo taken!” – Anonymous

Thanks again to everyone that voted. We had fun – and we loved your comments and feedback! Happy Holidays!

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