Creatacor’s 2nd Annual Ugly Holiday Attire Contest

Happy Holidays from everyone at Creatacor!

Today, we held our 2nd Annual Ugly Holiday Attire Contest. Last year, it was all just Ugly Sweaters… but this year we expanded it to any and all Ugly Holiday Attire!

Which getup is your favorite?

Take a look at our staff photo:

Creatacor's 2nd Annual Ugly Holiday Attire Contest

[Click on the photo for a larger version]

Your choices are:

1. Lora

2. Jerremy

3. Will

4. Matt

5. Kyle

6. Todd

7. Courtney

8. Megan

9. Jean

10. Linda

The Creatacor employee with the most votes wins! Also, one of you, a random voter, will win a $25 gift card. So, please take a moment and place your vote! Winners will be announced on Friday at 2PM.

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