Creatacor’s EXHIBITOR2011 Wrap-Up

Another Exhibitor Show has come and gone and by all accounts, it was a success. This year, we repurposed an existing exhibit, updated the graphics and revamped the presentation to give it a fresh look and feel. All designed to help us explain how we make our clients feel like trade show rock stars.

Creatacor at EXHIBITOR2011

Attendees had an opportunity to win a prize after each presentation, a massage. For those lucky enough to win, our masseuse, Ashley, was sure to provide a very relaxing experience. Every winner left her chair feeling sensational!

Creatacor at EXHIBITOR2011

The show is a great opportunity to meet potential new clients and the attendees were more upbeat than we have witnessed in several years. It is nice to talk with people who are planning on improving or expanding their trade show programs this year after years of simply trying to maintain their schedules or even survive the economic conditions of their business.

Creatacor at EXHIBITOR2011

Getting the opportunity to see the latest ideas in the industry is another great benefit, plus the show floor was larger than last year and the exhibits reflected the positive attitude. The fact that GlobalShop was up the street at the Las Vegas Convention Center was an added benefit for those of us trying to keep up. Wayne Davi, our Design Director, attended both shows, which provided an opportunity for him to experience the latest and greatest stuff in the industry first hand.

One of our new clients, ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) which we met last year at Exhibitor, came out again to walk the show with us looking for new ideas for some exhibit upgrades. We would be hard pressed to find a client that is more fun than the group at ARC. Thanks guys! You’re the best!

To all involved including John, Lora, Tim, Chuck and Cathy from Creatacor, to Larry, Fred and Jill from Live Marketing and lets not forget Ashley from 20-Minute Vacation, a big THANK YOU for making the show a great success.

AND of course our sincerest “THANKS” to all those who stopped by our booth! It was great to see you and to talk to you about your trade show programs. You can expect us to be in touch very soon. Thanks again!!!

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