Creatacor’s Own Superman

Creatacor is heroic when it comes to serving our customers. We meet their needs faster than a speeding bullet…we deliver their message with more power than a locomotive…we’re able to leap over any challenge in a single bound. There’s no mistaking the super in CREATCOR’s own superman, Portables Manager, Todd Teal.

Todd's Superhero Office

Todd has been with Creatacor for nearly eight years and it’s no wonder that he embodies the core values of our organization. Always willing to help and do the right thing, Todd strives to exemplify the values and qualities of the superheroes he admires. It all started thirty-six years ago when he saw one of his personal heroes, Christopher Reeves, star in the 1978 Superman movie. Todd’s office is decked out with decades of superhero memorabilia. His favorite item is the 700th issue of Spider Man signed by “The Man” himself, Stan Lee.

Todd's Superhero Office

When he’s not busy at work, he enjoys reading graphic novels such as The Walking Dead, which he highly recommends. Now we know why Todd’s always hanging around that phone booth in the lobby.

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