Event Marketing Summit Chicago – Wrap Up

The 3 day Event Marketing Summit came to a close on Wednesday, with everyone leaving with a refreshed outlook on our industry and what we need to do to help our customers sell their brand and their products. The event was a great opportunity for Creatacor to get to together with our Event Marketing Agency partners and to meet with new EM Agencies as well. We also had a chance to meet with good friends like Craig McNary, of XBox Marketing, who told us a little bit about a new product called “Natal” that they will be releasing for the holidays. “All I can say is it’s very, very cool & I’m going to get one”, said Rich Henaghan, Creatacor AE.

Event Marketing Summit 2010

Gerry Glynn, VP of Operations at Creatacor found a number of sessions to be extremely enlightening… “Carter Angus from Virgin Mobile spoke about their music tours and sponsorships, and Corrin Arasa from E2 Marketing & Jason Anello from Yahoo had a fantastic conference session on the “wom bomb” (word of mouth) as it pertained to the yodel studio event. The GE Healthcare virtual exhibit session was fascinating, presented by Jim Salinksy of GE and Lou DePasquale from InXpo. “There were many tips that can be applied to our customer’s efforts and marketing strategies” Gerry said. Gerry also attended a session presented by Andrew Judelson’s from Sports Illustrated, and Andy Cook of Vivid Marketing, which took on the issue of Intellectual Properties. Finally, “Go Big or Go Home” was a session presented by Susan Newman form Virgin Galactic & Group Delphi… and VG did not go home, they went BIG for their press release:

While the Event Marketing Industry had a challenging year in 2009, the buzz is that everyone is seeing an upswing for 2010. The integration of social media with events has generated an unprecedented audience reach that was talked about at almost every session of the summit. “Now I get how my kids can reach so many people”, said Rich Henaghan, Creatacor AE. Tom Lemery, President and CEO of Creatacor left Chicago completely inspired by what he had heard and plans to push “digital” to the forefront of Creatacor’s internal marketing mix. “The power of social media and the availability of digital content is expanding by the second. I plan to take a new look at everything we do to market ourselves as well as our clients. We’re going to experiment with some things and see what works.” Tom said. Stay tuned, it should be fun!

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