Fools For April

Even though April starts as the prankster’s holiday, it’s a GREAT month for Creatacor. Since the Exhibitor Show, we haven’t kept our blog as up-to-date as we should… But we do have a good excuse – we are SUPER busy.

Starting with our follow up to the EXHIBITOR2010, Will Farmer notes: “We had another successful year at the Exhibitor Show with nearly 200 visitors attending our presentation. Add the folks we spoke to during our three days on the show floor and you can consider EXHIBITOR2010 a success for Creatacor. Three lucky winners received Rockband for their home gaming system and everyone went home a winner with one of our Rock’n Roll T-shirts. The positive vibe on the show floor was very different from a year ago and here’s to hoping 2010 continues in an upward direction.”

So with a busy Q1 behind us, then April arrived.

All departments are fully engaged in two major projects; Osram Sylvania‘s 40′ x 50’ Lightfair International 2010 exhibit – and for LEGO Systems, Inc. North American headquarters, a new 1,200 sq. ft. showroom display to accommodate the ever-expanding LEGO product lines.

Here are a few photos from our shop showing what the guys have been working on:

Exhibit Fabrication For Osram Sylvania - Lightfair 2010

Exhibit Fabrication For Osram Sylvania - Lightfair 2010

Exhibit Fabrication For Osram Sylvania - Lightfair 2010

As you can imagine, Brandon’s had our Thermwood CNC machine running at a fairly consistent pace this month:

Exhibit Fabrication For Osram Sylvania - Lightfair 2010

On the other side of the wall in our Logistics and Warehousing Department, Roland Dubrey reports that they are also extremely busy with numerous events shipping this month. A quick look at the calendar shows events like NTI 2010, the 14th Ottawa Conference and the HealthStream Summit 2010 for Laerdal, ACOG 2010 and ANNA 2010 for Watson Pharmaceuticals, NA 2010 Material Handling & Logistics for The Raymond Corporation and CLMA ThinkLab 2010 and ACOG 2010 for LabCorp. Logistics will doing their thing for Lightfair as well.

All this, plus some very cool marketing events that we just can’t talk about yet.

Of course, all of these events needed designs and graphics – so the Design Department has been cranking out the exhibit designs, floor plans, graphic layouts and printing a ton of trade show graphics.

…And while all this is going on, we are preparing to exhibit at our second event of the year, the Event Marketing Summit at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on May 3-5, 2010 – Booth #408. More on this in an upcoming blog entry.

Whew! So there you have it – our SUPER-MEGA-April update… more soon!

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