From the Creatacor Shipping Desk

Roland DuberyMy name is Roland Dubrey and I’m the Shipping and Special Accounts Manager for Creatacor. Having been with Creatacor for 25 years now, my passion has been managing the shipping of our clients’ freight.

Believe it or not, dealing with trade show, event and retail rollout freight is a creative challenge to say the least. You need to be on your toes daily in a process that is not just 9-5, Monday thru Friday. Every day has its challenges and a lot of those challenges are new ones. We have to plan, analyze and determine the best way we will get them done for our clients.

One of my favorite projects is managing a retail rollout that started in the fall of 2016, a project we are still performing today. A trade show client asked us if we could help them distribute and install hundreds of displays over that next year. We landed the job that fall of 2016 and it has grown since.

Since then Creatacor has shipped and installed thousands of displays for this client. It has become a project I truly love. We are currently averaging a little over 100 of these moves and installs monthly while also managing a maintenance program for the displays that have been in these accounts since the start in 2016.

If you have a need for help managing a retail rollout give Creatacor a chance! Your display footprint could look like this across the USA:

Silhouette Installation Map

A pretty impressive footprint!

Let us know if you need help with your Display Rollout.