Future Olympian Among Us?

Golf is back at the XXXI Olympic Games for the first time since 1904, with Matt Kuchar of the U.S. taking the bronze behind Justin Rose of Great Britain (Gold) and Henrik Stenson of Sweden (Silver).

We are reminded of our own Tom Donegan, Senior Logistics Tech at Creatacor. Tom has been hitting the little white ball and wandering the links throughout the Northeast for over 25 years. “My father got me started playing at the age of 3 and I’ve been playing competitive golf since I was 6 years old.” Tom said. He went on to say; “My lowest round ever is 68. (-4)”.

Tom Donegan

Last year Tom qualified for the New York State Golf Association Championship, shooting an even par 71, which tied for first place with 5 other golfers. “I was really proud of myself as there were 95 players competing for 30 spots.” Tom said. Tom continues to practice and swing the club well, qualifying for several tournaments this season.

Tom Donegan

Tom Donegan

The 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan. So we’ll keep our eye on Tom as he keeps his eye on the ball and a possible trip to the land of the rising sun.


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  1. Tom, great accomplishment. I never knew this about you. Keep it up and I surely hope you make it to the 2020 Summer Olympics!!

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