Going The Distance

Of the 1,671 runners who participated in the MVP Health Care Stockade-athon 15K this year, one of them was our very own. After two and a half months of training, on November 9th, Moira finished the Stockade-athon for a second time!

The Stockade-athon is a 15K (9.3 mile) road race that takes place in Schenectady, NY. Occurring annually since 1976, it is considered to be the oldest “major” 15K road race in the United States. The course takes runners through the historic Stockade District, Riverside Park along the Mohawk, Union College, historic GE Plot neighborhood, Central Park and historic Vale Cemetery. The finish line is right down the street from Proctor’s Theater.

Next, Moira plans on entering a Sprint Triathlon and we’re all looking forward to seeing her cross the finish line!

Moira at the 2014 MVP Health Care Stockade-athon 15K.
Moira gives the thumbs-up right in front of the Transfinder building during the 2014 MVP Health Care Stockade-athon 15K.


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