One… Two… Three… Four… NOMINATIONS!

That’s right… all four of our graphics that were submitted for a NORI award have been nominated to win! We are excited with anticipation.

I can imagine it now, walking into Creatacor, a proud smile on my face and with an armful of four shiny plaques engraved with “Creatacor Winner 2009” on the brass face.

aaaaaahhhh, the thought of it.

Take a look at our entries that were nominated:

1. Poster – SA-4: Hunter Mountain Metro Poster

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Hunter Mountain Metro Poster

2. Newsletter or Magazine – PM-10: Hunter Mountain Resort Magazine

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Hunter Mountain Resort Magazine

3. Announcement, Greeting or Holiday Card – PM-11: Creatacor Holiday Card 2008

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Creatacor Holiday Card 2008

4. Never Saw the Light of Day, Print – OT-1: Hunter Mountain Resort Advertisement

Creatacor Nori Award Nomination 2009 - Hunter Mountain Resort Advertisement

The Albany Ad Club’s Annual Nori Awards ceremony will take place at The Egg in downtown Albany, NY on Friday June 5th 2009 at 7PM.

We’ll let you know how we do…

About the Albany Ad Club: The Albany Ad Club Association of Professional Communicators was founded in 1961 to bring together those engaged in advertising, public relations and marketing, and to further acquaintance and cooperation among them. The Ad Club strives to promote legitimate and truthful advertising and to foster efficient and economical marketing methods.

About the Nori Awards: Each year since 1972, the Ad Club has hosted the NORI Awards to honor outstanding achievement in advertising and communications. By applying the highest criteria to judge its members, the creative competition serves to continually raise the standards of work in the region and promote excellence in communications.

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