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Parting Thoughts

Every day our team is working hard on multiple projects at different stages of completion. Our days could include an initial call with a client to learn about their next event, designers coming up with a new creative interactive, account managers figuring out service orders for a show, estimators looking for the most cost effective way to provide a solution, admins handling multiple vendor invoices, graphics completing layouts, fabricators building yet another unique exhibit or logistics packing and shipping out a project. No matter the time of year, our facility is always humming along because there is always a new task in front of them.

It’s rare to have a day where a project isn’t being installed, happening or being dismantled, and due to the constant flow of work, many of our team members don’t get the chance to see or experience the end result – being at the venue with the client while the sole focus is on the specific event. In my role, I too don’t share often in these experiences, but I had the opportunity this year to attend with Callaway at PGA and LEDVANCE at Lightfair. After all the hard work and the planning, nothing is more satisfying than the excitement when the event opens and seeing the appreciation of the client for all the work our team did to help make their vision a reality.

Our team is dedicated to a single purpose, making our clients the top priority. One example from Lightfair: our own Jim Dolan was onsite from beginning to end covering all 10 days. LEDVANCE had a terrific giveaway of custom etched lightbulbs for attendees and each one came in a custom made box – only the boxes came disassembled and someone needed to put them together. Jim spent three days in a tiny closet, sharing space with the client social media team, folding more than 2,000 sets of boxes, tops and bottoms. He rivaled the Domino pizza box guy from the commercials. He was crazy quick!

My message to you is while you may not always see it, our entire team is putting in this effort for you. Based on the comments I receive, I am confident that you are well aware, but it never hurts to emphasize and recognize our team’s commitment to you.

And from the entire team, thank you for choosing Creatacor as your event partner, we appreciate the opportunity to create for you.

Hope you actually have some time to enjoy the summer!

— Will Farmer


Creator Milestones

Tim Lemery, Account Executive
10 years

Cathy Miller - 10th anniversary at Creatacor

Joe Fryer, Production Manager
25 years

Joe Fryer - 25th Anniversary at Creatacor

Rich Henaghan, VP, Strategic Accounts
15 years

Rich Henaghan - 15th anniversary at Creatacor


LEDVANCE LIGHTFAIR International 2018 Infographic

Project Spotlight: LEDVANCE at LIGHTFAIR International 2018

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
May 8 – 10, 2018
Job #1180122

LIGHTFAIR International (LFI) is the premier event for lighting designers and architects. Priority one for LEDVANCE was to highlight how they transformed from a manufacturer predominantly of traditional lamps to an independent, dynamic and globally active lighting company with one of the most comprehensive LED portfolios for general lighting.As the exhibit needed to match the look of the display done for Light & Build, Creatacor worked with LEDVANCE’s German design firm Bach Mann Kern. Our challenge was to take their design and “Americanize” it for a show in Chicago.

This year, LEDVANCE showcased more than 120 individual products within their 2,400 sq. ft. booth space. The display consisted of three distinct products areas: Luminaires, LEDr and SMART+. Each area featured working product demos with a variety of control options. Two conference rooms were available for non-stop meetings throughout the three-day event.

Utilizing a custom bar, they offered coffee, espresso, cappuccino and popcorn, providing some necessary refreshments for their guests.  And finally, to draw attendees, LEDVANCE gave the opportunity to get a custom etched LED light bulb. The line was long, but moved quickly as the two artisans quickly etched a bulb with the person’s name or short message. More than 2,200 bulbs were engraved and given away during the show.

One attendee exclaimed, “I don’t even know what I’m in line for.” Proving the old adage, “If you give it away, someone will take it.”

Overall attendance exceeded expectations and the show was a huge success for LEDVANCE.

Rental Website Launch

Creatacor Mobile Retail Tube

Creatacor Double Decker

We are happy to announce that our new rental website is now live and can be accessed at https://www.creatacor.com/rentals/. Rental exhibits provide a flexible, cost-effective rental display solution for our clients. You can learn more about our Rental Frames, Mobile Retail Tube and Double Decker options on the site. Check out what Creatacor COO Will Farmer has to say about our rental exhibits and the new website in the short video below.

LEGO Americana Mini Site Launch

The LEGO® Americana Tour

The LEGO Americana Roadshow site is now live! You can access the site at www.creatacor.com/ars/.

The LEGO Americana Show is a highly visual and educational traveling installation of larger-than-life LEGO buildings. The Roadshow entertains visitors with stunning visuals and fun facts in a one-of-a-kind tour of America’s most famous architectural structures. Built by LEGO Master Builders, each large-scale LEGO model on display is made entirely of LEGO bricks. The events provide awesome hands-on activities such as the fully staffed LEGO Play Area, Follow the Map Find the Model activity, and Make & Take build event.

Red Cross Blood Drive

Creatacor Red Cross Blood Drive

We held our third American Red Cross Blood Drive at Creatacor this month. We’re happy to report that we collected 23 units!

Stewart’s Shops also gave all donors a “Give a Pint, Get a Pint” coupon, good for a free pint of Stewart’s ice cream or gelato!

Creatacor - Hey, We're Hiring!

We’re grabbing headlines again…

A Look Back at Trade Show and Exhibit Trends

Creatacor Inc. Launches Custom Rental Website

Around Tech Valley

Creatacor launches new user-friendly website for displays

Where in the world is Creatacor?

(7/10) ESRI International Show 2018, San Diego, CA
(7/14) The LEGO Americana Roadshow, Virginia Beach, VA
(7/15) IFT 2018, Chicago, IL
(7/16) IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo
(7/16) STN 2018, Reno, NV
(7/18) Comic-Con 2018, San Diego, CA
(8/4) The LEGO Americana Roadshow, Bellevue, WA
(8/8) Canfitpro 2018, Toronto, ON
(8/13) NYSFDA Convention 2018, Verona, NY
(8/13) GBTA 2018, San Diego, CA
(8/25) NACDS Total Store Expo 2018, Denver, CO

Did you know?

The B2B exhibitions industry contributed a record-setting $91 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product in 2017.

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