Our Quarterly Newsletter “Collaborations”, Issue 21


Parting Thoughts

In the ever-changing world of modern marketing and business this question arises, “Are trade shows still a relevant and important part of the marketing mix?” Now that we are living in a digital revolution, opportunities to do business face to face are important more than ever.

If you are looking for statistical justification, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has done various research studies and their findings concluded:

  • Executives place a higher degree of importance on fulfilling their purchase requirements at trade shows. These decision makers use face-to-face events to interact with new products, find solutions to an existing problem and meet actual users of the products.
  • 81% of tradeshow display attendees have buying authority.
  • As trade shows attract so many buyers, the cost to generate a lead is $215 as opposed to $443 for the sales force out in the field.
  • 48% of attendees who were asked to rank their preferred method of face-to-face interaction rated the exhibition setting as the top choice. In second place was in-person sales calls at a distant 26%.
  • Trade show attendees contribute $44.8 billion annually to the U.S. economy.

While these stats make a strong case on their own, trade shows offer the power of face-to-face, a key approach no one can overlook. Breaking through digital media is a challenge as people now have options to access media such as Netflix or HBO, removing the requirement of watching through advertisements. People now have the option to skip through adds on their mobile devices and jumping straight to the content they are seeking.

Trade shows attract an audience on the hunt for products available for purchase, and many that are on the verge of making a purchase decision. Now more than ever people are looking for a personal connection with brands and there is no better way to do so than creating an in-person experience for them. People like to experience a brand, and to connect with it on an emotional level.

A well-executed trade show exhibit centered on creating an experience for the visitor can elevate the connection to your brand. In fact, 65% of consumers say that live events and product demonstrations are the most important factor in helping them decide to purchase. In many ways, the digital world provides convenience but removes the interpersonal communication from our lives. The trade show environment, if done correctly, is the perfect opportunity to create a personal connection to consumers voicing their expectations and ideal qualities in a brand.

Trade shows play a key role in today’s marketing environment now more than ever.

– Will Farmer



Project Spotlight: MINDBODY

MINDBODY, a company providing business management software for the fitness and salon industries, has partnered up with Creatacor for the third time to create their custom modular exhibit for their domestic trade show program.

MINDBODY is a public company that is acquiring smaller businesses at a rapid pace. Therefore, they needed an exhibit that is flexible in size and in messaging ability. What started as a 20×30 plan morphed into a 20×40 exhibit, with a removable 10×20 section that could be used separately for their Booker and FITMetrix brands. This section needed to flow seamlessly into the larger 20×40 MINDBODY footprint, as well as be used on its own in a 10×20 configuration.

The brands are able to swap graphics based on the industry: from the hanging sign fabric to the faux-neon sign, to the removable rollable graphics on the 10×20 walls. Depending on the needs for each show, we made provisions for graphics, props/decorations, and monitors to be interchangeable.

Integral to MINDBODY’s performance at trade shows are thoughtful demo stations. The main portion of the exhibit has four demo stations, each with built-in monitors in the cabinets to draw attention. The video messaging is easily changeable for each industry or to address product updates.

Other focal features include the central arbor structure; the “living wall” with faux neon signage to allow for Instagrammable moments; and the central seating area, where attendees can rest and recharge on benches that also double as storage.

We always enjoy working with MINDBODY because they are very passionate and hands-on with their exhibit design. In fact, the exhibit was a concept from MINDBODY designers. We simply tweaked the design to make it trade-show friendly, and then brought it to life. They aren’t afraid to push the envelope with creativity while gaining the utmost functionality, and that is one of the many reasons why we enjoy having them as a client!

Creatacor Blood Drive

This June, Creatacor held a blood drive and collected 21 units of blood. We would like to extend a thank you to logistics for the great set-up, volunteers for helping out the Red Cross staff and of course the donators.

Gerry Glynn - Creatacor June 2019 Blood Drive



Creatacor had the pleasure of helping LEDVANCE participate in another successful Lightfair. The show began with a performance by Project Positive, a Philadelphia-based non-profit that uses hip hop to inspire local children. The show upped the energy level and created an exciting environment on the show floor

Watch the performance HERE!

The exhibit featured six product areas highlighting the many solutions LEDVANCE has for a wide range of customers. Each area featured the newest and best products available. A large open space in the middle of the display created a welcoming environment so staff could easily navigate to the best customer solution. Conference rooms were available for private meetings maximizing the floor space available.

Philly pretzels were provided for all who needed a snack to keep up their energy and two caricaturists were on hand so many could go home with a unique image of themselves. Creatacor is proud to be part of another successful event for LEDVANCE!

Always Improving

At Creatacor, we are always looking to improve our arsenal of products and services. We have recently just added the following tools to better serve our clients:

Printer: Roland Solojet Pro 4 XR-640
Printer-Faster: 35% faster than the previous printer
-Upgraded print heads
-Wider: 64″ wide
-White ink
-Versaworks 6 rip software
-More reliable
-Old printer as backup and cutter
-Goes up to 11, previously 10 was the highest

Laminator: Royal Sovereign
-Wider: up to 64″
-User-friendly presets for material
-More mobile

New Production Room Layout:
-Printer direct to laminator flow
-Stock material review and reduction

Scissor Lift
Scissor Lift-26.6″ working height
-800 lbs platform capacity
-Blazing 2.8 mph
-Electric 24v batteries
-Improved safety
-Replace forklift cages requiring a second person

-Exhibit tech-ing
-Graphic installations and vehicles
-Hanging signs
-Faster maintenance of lights, HVAC, etc.
-Checking material stocks and racks

Compressed Air System: Ingersoll Rand 15hp Variable Speed Rotary Screw Compressor

Compressor-Doubled cfm capacity
– Quieter
-Variable speed = more energy efficient
-New air dryer and filters for better, dryer air
-More reliable: old system 25+ years old
-Old system will be wired in as automatic back-up, should we need more capacity
-New larger dedicated line copper line run directly to Edgebander
-Compressed air system throughout shop has been sealed up with new fitting and hoses

We’re Grabbing Headlines Again

Tradeshow Strategies: Is an Exhibit Rental Right for You?

Where in the world is Creatacor?

(6/26) SuperZoo, Las Vegas, NV
(6/28) IDEA World, Anaheim, CA

(7/20) ComplexCon, Chicago, IL
(7/17) Comic-Con, San Diego, CA
(7/30) STN, Reno, NV
(8/5) GBTA, Chicago, IL
(8/7) FRI, Atlanta, GA
(8/9) AADE, Houston, TX
(8/19) NYSFDA Convention, Saratoga Springs, NY
(8/20) SuperZoo, Las Vegas, NV
(8/22) WIO, Coeur D’Alene, ID
(8/24) NACDS Total Store Expo, Boston, MA
(9/1) AFIA Liquid Feed Symposium, Omaha, NE
(9/2) Pharma Chem Outsourcing, Long Branch, NJ
(9/14) Allen D. Leman Swine Conference, St. Paul, MN
(9/23) Pack Expo, Las Vegas, NV
(9/23) CAMX Expo, Anaheim, CA
(9/24) Solar Power International, Salt Lake City, UT
(9/25) NASS, Chicago, IL
(9/26) Contract Parma, New Brunswick, NJ
(9/27) AACS Annual Convention Expo, Las Vegas, NV

Did you know?

The most attended tradeshow in 2018 was the
Consumer Electronics Show with 116,958 attendees.

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