Take A 360° Photo Tour Of Creatacor HQ

Every year, we participate in the EXHIBITORLIVE trade show – it’s the Conference
for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketers. Attendees come to take part in educational sessions and workshops, network with their peers, and to walk the show floor to meet with industry vendors – like us.

Creatacor at EXHIBITORLIVE 2017

Before the events kicks off each year, we do some pre-promotion and marketing with the attendees to set up meetings in our exhibit. We always offer a small incentive for attendees to schedule a meeting appoint with us. This time, we gave our appointments a virtual reality headset.

VR Headset

This particular model allows you to secure your phone into the headset to view 360° images or models. So, we needed some content…

The Design team started by creating a 3D model of the new exhibit:

Click and drag your cursor in the model to take a look around.

This was a great start, but they wanted to create some additional content that would be interesting to view on the headsets… and since we are at EXHIBITORLIVE to promote our trade show and event capabilities, they decided to show off our impressive facility.

Using a special camera, the Design team took 360° photos at multiple locations in the building and created a microsite to display them. Here’s a 360° of our lobby:

At EXHIBITORLIVE, the folks we met with were able to take a ‘virtual tour’ of Creatacor HQ using their new headset. Very cool!

But, you don’t need a VR headset to be able to check out the 3D model of our exhibit, or the 360° photos of our facility. You can view our EXHIBITORLIVE Virtual Tour microsite on your desktop. Here, you’ll be able to see 360° photos of our main entrance, our lobby, and photos inside our Design, Logistics and Fabrication departments. Just like the ones above, click and drag your cursor over the images to move around.

Take a look!

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