The Sounds Of “Winter Chill”

Winter has officially arrived in Upstate New York with a fresh blanket of white frosting. Although I’m not a fan of cold weather and all that comes with it, I had to appreciate the beauty of the snow covered pines and delicious snow flakes that fell this past week at our headquarters in Clifton Park, New York. The large delicate flakes reminded me of those days when my brothers and I ran around in our backyard trying to catch each little frozen treat on our tongues as most of them missed their target and melted on our faces.

Creatacor winter photo 2014

If you have ever stood quietly and listened to the snow fall you know it’s peaceful calming sound. Set that to music and you have the compilations by Fowler & Branca “Winter Chill” (iTunes link). I was introduced to the music of Bob Fowler and Stephen Branca, by none other than Stephen’s brother Michael Branca, who is the Creatacor Design Director. Their album contains wonderful smooth jazz selections for the season. As I listened to each track, I was reminded of those times when I would close my eyes and simply listen to the snow fall and how beautiful winter can be. I also fondly remembered all those warm gatherings with family and friends that become the fabric of our holiday memories.

Fowler & Branca: Winter Chill

‘Tis the season to share such sounds like this. I hope you have a listen and enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Holidays to All!


One thought on “The Sounds Of “Winter Chill”

  1. Thank You Tom for your kind words and for sharing our music link on your website. Glad that our music brings you back to all the same memories Bob and I thought of while writing these songs. Though we cherish the dear friends and family we have around us this season, it’s sad to think of all our loved ones that have passed and the wonderful Christmas Holiday times we had growing up. But after all, it’s the happy and sad times that inspire us creatively. Thanks again for your thoughtful gesture and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Sincerely Steve Branca and Bob Fowler.

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