We’ve Launched Our New Website!

Although we stealthily “changed our costume” on Halloween, we are formally announcing the launch of our brand new website today.

Teaming up with Shannon-Rose Design, located in Saratoga Springs, New York, we incorporated our newly rebranded image. Our site’s responsive design allows for optimized viewing both on desktop computers and mobile devices, enabling you, our viewer, to achieve a greater understanding of the full compliment of trade show and event services Creatacor has to offer.

We’ve segmented the site into two specialities: Trade Shows & Events and Custom Fabrication. You will also notice this breakdown in our new Portfolio section. If you’re looking for a trade show partner to help you with a new exhibit or to manage your program, click on “Trade Shows & Events“. If you are looking to have something to be created for a mobile tour, retail environment, permanent installation, or marketing event, click on “Custom Fabrication“. These sections have detailed descriptions of all the services we can provide, customized to your needs and your budget.

On our Home Page, you’ll notice a video including scenes from our facility and the trade show floor. Superimposed over the video backdrop are common “pain points” we often hear from our new customers when they describe the relationship they had with their previous provider. Mouse-over each heading to see one of the typical pain points we often hear. Can you relate? If so drop us a line or give us a call. And remember, “Relax – we’ve got your back”

One more thing… Lets stay in touch. Take a look at our new Blog, which we will be frequently updating with stories, show and event photos, and industry news. Also, if you are interested, all of our blog entries for the last 5 years are available.

A few quotes about the site from our CEO Tom Lemery and Scott Livingston from Shannon-Rose Design:

“Creatacor is a collective of incredibly talented and innovative people, all working on one-of-a-kind projects around the globe and this new site allows us to highlight the work of our creative team and our partners. We believe the new site better translates who we are and what we can achieve for current and potential customers.” -Tom Lemery

“It was a fun to work with a creative team. The project opened the doors for a lot of fun stuff to do that we don’t normally get to do.” -Scott Livingston

So, please have a look and let us know what you think. We are standing by waiting to hear from you.


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