What happens in Vegas (can be special)

What a fabulous industry we are a part of. I just returned from the Exhibitor Show in Las Vegas and let me tell you I have never been prouder to be a part of the exhibit and trade show industry. The Exhibitor Show is the premier event in our industry. It’s the event that all trade show professionals gather once a year to share stories, collect leads and nurture solid relationships, clients and vendors alike. From the trade show floor to the private product presentations to hospitality suites, there is never a dull a moment.

My day began on the trade show floor in the brand new exhibit Creatacor designed for EXHIBITOR2009. Paul (Traynor, Live Marketing Talent) is cracking everyone up with his Rock Star persona and presentations. We gather our leads, have good conversations with sales prospects and chatting with the occasional competitor who stops by to compliment us on our presence.

From there we were invited to a private showing of a new, innovative product that will soon hit the market. We listened to the presentation followed by a hand’s on demonstration of this exciting new product offering to be released this summer.

Then it’s back to the room to freshen up and off to dinner with clients. After some great conversation and food, our client expresses his gratitude for the work we have done this past year and notes how much he is looking forward to working with is on future projects. The day ends with a few cocktails at Mandalay Bay’s Eye Candy and some wonderful conversations with prospects and industry experts. Although it seems like this day just started it is time to call it night and get ready for another great day (and night) at the Exhibitor Show.

It was great to see the brood out in Vegas again this year. Granted it was only my second year at the show but by far my most productive. The possibilities that lie ahead are endless and I look forward to turning acquaintances made at EXHIBITOR2009 into long lasting relationships. Now the real work begins!

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