Seeing A Hero

I have been lucky and sort of an oddity these days as I have been at Creatacor my entire career, coming up on 24 years in September. What has always made the place special for me is the relationships, both those with my coworkers and our clients. Around 15 years ago I first met Joe McCormick as he was a product manager for SYLVANIA. Every spring, Lightfair rolls around, SYLVANIA’s Super Bowl, and life would be very hectic for a good two months. Joe was always there to help with any and all technical issues. He wasn’t the trade show manager and focused on his specific product line but he would always, always be a phone call away to offer support for all groups. He made many a trip to our facility to help to train us on wiring products and ensuring his product was show ready. One year, he even had his young son at our shop and if his son was here, he was going to help. Over the years, Joe has moved up with the company so his involvement in Lightfair isn’t the same but fortunately, the friendship is still in tact. Joe’s son was faced with a challenge a few years ago when he was a senior in high school, he was diagnosed with LHON, an eye disease without a cure that meant he was going to lose his sight. That didn’t stop him from attending Harvard or finishing up in four years like all his classmates. Joe sent me this article from the Boston Globe about his son, truly an amazing story about a brave man who happens to have a terrific dad.

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