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Back To Business

It’s time to get back to business, so Creatacor is using our 30 years of experience in planning, designing and producing experiential events to help guide businesses to safely welcome back staff with new Covid-19 protocol support solutions. Some of our offerings include:

Back To Business

Check-in & Pick-up/Drop-off Areas: The need for additional space to safely check in staff and create pickup/ drop-off areas, as well as increased storage requirements, can easily be fulfilled with Creatacor’s inventory and network of partners supplying tents and other temporary structures. Also, longer term structures and walls can be custom designed and fabricated to specific needs.

Back To Business: Structures

Dividers: With one of the largest inventories of modular wall systems on the east coast, Creatacor offers both temporary and long term walls to create safe spaces in open-office concepts. The modular wall systems are designed for fast deployment, easy reconfiguration and options for branding.

Back To Business: Dividers

Signage: The re-imagined office will look very different, and training people on new protocols can be reinforced with branded signage for safety and distancing requirements. The Creatacor team can develop facility protocol plan drawings, graphic design and production to assist with traffic flow planning.

Back To Business: Signage

If you need any help with solutions or execution, please reach out as we know we can help.

View all the offerings here in this Back To Business PDF.