Back To School: Returning Safely To The Classroom

By: Will Farmer, COO

Having been on a local school board for six years, I learned quite a bit about the challenges school administrators face on a daily basis. A few years ago when I served, the issues included facing tough budget decisions, keeping class size reasonable, ensuring all children received the best possible education and handling parent’s concerns. Addressing these concerns took skill, patience and diplomacy on the part of superintendents and principals and I was amazed how they did it so well.

In our current Covid-19 world, all the above issues are still present and a hundred fold more complex as everything we took for granted has changed. Now these same administrators must run two schools at once, an all online version and an in-person version. Knowing many educators personally, I know the priority is what’s best for the students and the safety of every person in the school, even if it means twice the work.

At Creatacor, Covid-19 has upended our industry as well. We are used to creating environments to bring many people together and the virus has brought large events to a stand still. We are taking our expertise from years of producing spaces for maximum attendance while providing a smooth flow and pivoting to creating safe spaces for when many people need to be together but also need protection. When it comes to bringing students and staff back to the classroom, having the correct PPE is a key element for keeping everyone safe.

We have developed a standard set of PPE Safeguard dividers for the use in multiple areas of the school buildings. In circumstances where 6’ distancing cannot be achieved, partitions can be used to create a safe environment without sacrificing visibility or preventing interaction. Tabletop partitions work well for computer labs, conference rooms, cafeterias, science tables and art rooms, with the flexibility for add-on panels and different configurations. All partitions are fabricated to NYSED standards & requirements for safety & fire rating.

Creatacor Back To School SafeGuards

The Safeguard series comes in standard sizes to help you with estimating costs based on your schools requirements but we can also help if you have custom needs based on your furniture or spacing needs. We are here to help if you have questions or need suggestions for your particular situation.

Download the full Back To School With SafeGuards PDF by clicking here.