Creatacor debuts on daytime TV

When the phone rings at Creatacor, you never know what’s coming next. This was certainly the case four weeks ago when our clients at Virgin Atlantic ( called with the standard request of “Is this something you guys do?”

Our mission, if we chose to accept, was to provide a simulated flight experience LIVE on ABC’s morning show ‘The View’. The seats were easy – we currently store and provide logistic services for Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy and Upper Class demos. Locating the simulator was semi-easy – our vendor, Amusitronix ( has provided us with versions of simulated entertainment in the past for other events. ABC allowed us to borrow their prop fuselage and decking. Putting everything together was the challenge. With all of these pieces in place a surreal experience was developed providing the chance to experience flight on the ground.

The purpose of this project was to assist Whoopi Goldberg, a co-host on the show, in overcoming her fear of flying. The day before the simulator segment was taped, Whoopi spent 5 hours in Virgin Atlantics Flying Without Fear Course ( Captain Dom Riley, Director Richard Conway, and Physiotherapist Gillian Harvey-Bush, spent the time addressing her core fears of flying. They also provided her with the information and techniques to cope and feel more confident.

The great thing about this business is the opportunity to tackle new challenges. When it goes well, you love it even more. The people at ABC were absolutely great to work with; not to mention it was very cool to be inside the studio, green rooms, and at the rehearsal. Our clients are always a blast to spend time with, and meeting the Virgin Atlantic and Flying Without Fear crew only added to it.

And we really hope that Whoopi had a great flight to England…with no fear.

Creatacor, Virgin Atlantic, and Whoopi Goldberg in the studio at The View

(Left to right: Captain Dom Riley, Director Richard Conway, Whoopi Goldberg, Flight Attendant Frankie, and Physiotherapist Gillian Harvey-Bush)

The show was broadcast on Wednesday, April 1st – check it out on these YouTube clips:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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