Creatacor Ready And Able To Assist Building And Installing Temporary Structures

The Creatacor Team Is Ready To Help

The Creatacor team has been working 24/7 to ramp up services to quickly help the increasing capacity requirements for hospitals, testing stations and associated facilities responding to the COVID-19 crisis. Services available include: mobile structures and interior modular walls systems that our teams can quickly deliver & install. We have materials, crews, project managers and space to start building immediately. Our teams are accustomed to handling quick moving projects with tight deadlines that require great attention to detail.

Possible Applications & Available Resources:

  • Fabrication: Manufacture beds, partitions, millwork/cabinets for medical, custom road cases.
  • Mobile Vehicles: Customize/build out mobile vehicles, trailers, trucks for exams rooms, training, command center, etc.
  • Rental Partitions/Walls: For temporary rooms/walls, delivery installation & dismantle.
  • Printing & Graphics Design: Layout and print stickers, signage.
  • Warehousing & Distribution: 90,000 sq. ft facility with (11) loading docks, forklifts, staff.

If we can help, please contact Chuck Law, [email protected] or at 518-321-7634.


COVID-19 Response Temporary Mobile Units

COVID-19 Response Temporary Mobile Units - 10x'10'

COVID-19 Response Temporary Mobile Units - 10x'20'

PDF Link: Temporary Mobile Units