Creatacor Rocks Rock Band 2 Road Case

Have you ever been experienced? Well, we have. At least we’ve been iris Experienced and it’s always an experience. When our client iris Experience ( came up with another great concept for their client MTV we were ready to Rock. Andrew Rockman of iris has one of those “how about” minds that is always thinking “how about if we…” and challenged us to design and produce some kick ass Rock Band 2 road cases. Each case had to transport the new Rock Band 2 game and transform into a complete set up in about 15 minutes. Oh, and we are talking all the gear for ALL three gaming systems so these bad boys are ready to Rock for Wii, PS3 & X-Box. Check out the automatic monitor lift. It’s sweet. Keep on Rockin’ Rock Band!

Check out this case demo video on YouTube:

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