Eggs-straordinary Works of Art

Over the past month, Creatacor has teamed up with Starwood Retail Partners, a nationwide shopping center owner and operator, to create a unique Easter art activation that is now on display at select Starwood properties across the country.

The eleven participating Starwood locations “Artistic Eggspressions” are now each featuring five larger than life fiberglass eggs that have been painted and decorated by local artists or schools via a friendly competition. Visitors are asked to hashtag their favorite designs which will determine the winner of a $500 donation. Many of the properties also made a live event of the painting process by showcasing the artists so that visitors could watch the works of art come together.

Creatacor was responsible for the engineering, fabrication, and shipping of all 55 eggs. Each egg measured 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide and was constructed of steel and fiberglass.

“Experiences like this are a great way for retail properties to drive traffic and offer a unique experience for their guests,” said Andrew Little, events and special projects manager, Creatacor. “It’s the goal of our team to make these multi-location projects run as smoothly as possible to bring interesting exhibits like this across the country. It was very exciting to see these eggs come to life in such a creative way.”

The “Artistic Eggspressions” exhibit will be at the following Starwood Retail Partners properties from now until April 30th, 2019:

“Artistic Eggspressions” is an example of infusing experiential marketing with brick and mortar retail to create a mutually beneficial partnership between brand and retail properties. This event provides a free and fun interactive experience that captures the interest of visitors of all ages, and brings them into the mall.

Video from MacArthur Center:


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