Good Services Make Good Neighbors

Our good neighbors at nfrastructure technologies recently tasked Creatacor with a graphic branding of their world headquarters.

After recently launching a refresh of their website, we were asked to bring that website to the walls of their offices.

The nature of this project gives us a great opportunity to highlight the process we work through with our customers to complete everything to their satisfaction.

The Creatacor team went over to nfrastructure for a site survey to talk about ideas for their spaces – and to take some pictures. Back at Creatacor HQ, our designers then went to work placing graphics on the empty walls:

nfrastructure conference room interior design

nfrastructure technologies conference room with table

nfrastructure technologies warehouse

After an initial thumbs-up from the client, we produced design layouts to work from with detailed specs for client approval:

nfrastructure technologies interior design plan

With final layout approval, the Creatacor crew started production and an install date was set.

nfrastructure technologies interior design wall

Here are some pictures of the completed project:

nfrastructure technologies interior design table and wall

nfrastructure technologies interior design

Their main conference area was branded and now relays the nfrastructure “Design, Build & Operate” message.

nfrastructure technologies interior design tech roomo

Additionally, the Technology Center has an impressive 13′ dimensional nfrastructure logo cut on our Thermwood CNC router and all 4 walls have partner logo graphics with room for expansion.

Very nice improvements to an already impressive facility!

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