L.L.Bean’s Boot Tower

L.L.Bean approached Creatacor with a really cool opportunity to build the display for an in-store contest. Shoppers can register to guess the amount of boots in the “Boot Tower” to win a free pair of L.L.Bean boots!

L.L.Bean's Boot Tower in the Shop

[L.L.Bean Boot Tower in the Shop]

Creatacor was tasked with building a portable, easy to set up Boot Tower and registration kiosk. In order to give it a rustic feel that would coordinate with the interior of LL Bean stores, we used an oak trim on the Boot Tower and a dark, wood-like laminate on the registration kiosk. We even did a “boot test” at the Creatacor facility make sure the tower was durable enough to withstand LOTS of weight in boots!

And no, we’re not at liberty to disclose how many boots we put in the Boot Tower… Good luck contestants!

LL Bean's Boot Tower at the King of Prussia, PA store

[Boot Tower at the King of Prussia, PA store. Photo courtesy L.L.Bean’s King of Prussia Facebook page.]

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