Really Big Shoe

Creatacor has once again teamed up with Pop2Life on another exciting marketing event.

Wedding Central’s “IF THE SHOE FITS!” contest took place today in New York City on 23rd Street between 5th & Broadway.

The Creatacor staff arrived in NYC this morning for the 4 AM install and got right to work. Here is the centerpiece – a 14′ foot wedding shoe:

14' wedding shoe for Wedding Central

[ Photo from WeTV ]

Contestants will wear wedding dresses while searching though hundreds of shoe boxes looking for a matching pair of designer shoes. Winners will get to keep the shoes and have a chance to win $10,000 in cash and prizes.

Check out WeTV’s flickr photostream for some great photos from the event.

You can also click to our Facebook Gallery for this event.

Looks great – great job by all involved!

Quick edit: Even more pics from

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