RedPeg Marketing Visits Creatacor

RedPeg Marketing, a full-service independent marketing and promotions company, has teamed up with Creatacor on the largest project we have collaborated on to date. For the last four months we have been planning, producing and preparing to execute a well designed traveling event set for a major US brand.

The set is scheduled to appear at seven to ten major sporting events in the coming months. The last step of the production process was for RedPeg to visit the Creatacor facilities to see the set and train on set installation and dismantle. The RedPeg team consisted of a Production Director, two Production Coordinators and two Tour Managers. Everyone spent four days together setting up, labeling, learning and packing the massive event set.

The guys from RedPeg Marketing

The entire set was packed into the back of a 24′ box truck. The truck was carefully “packed” using our CAD program to insure all available space was optimized. We were able to take the CAD drawing to production and they produced slots and compartments that guarantee the new events set pieces are well protected. We also have a few road cases to hold the more fragile items in the set, including LCD TV’s and a 44″ molded plastic white golf ball and tee. When we were done it looked as though we had packed the set in a 24′ long shipping crate on wheels; everything with a place and securely packed for the long ride to Florida and beyond.

Truck Pack - Mobile Marketing Event Set

44" Golf Ball - Mobile Marketing Event Set

The mobile marketing set that we have created is beautiful and something for both teams to be very proud of. We are very excited to get the client feedback after the first event! Stay tuned, more to come from sunny Florida!

The mysterious Dome - Mobile Marketing Event Set

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