The Tree Of Life

Creatacor recently had the opportunity to create a very special display. On June 5th, the “Tree of Life” display was revealed for all to see in the entry level of Albany Medical Center’s Patient Pavilion.

The Tree Of Life at The Albany Medical Center

In late winter, Pressman Design, who had partnered with Albany Med, came to Creatacor with the idea of designing a display to honor organ donors. Account executive Tim Lemery partnered with both organizations to conceptualize and create the perfect display for this very special purpose.

The Tree Of Life at The Albany Medical Center

The display features glass ornaments etched with the names of those who became organ donors in 2013. Ornaments that are in the shape of butterflies are in remembrance of children who became donors. Butterflies are recognized as a symbol of change, new life and hope and often associated with donation. Next year, these ornaments will be given to family members of the donors and new ornaments will be created and hung honoring the current year’s donors.

The Tree Of Life at The Albany Medical Center

According to Albany Medical Center, the display currently recognizes 24 people who saved the lives of 64 others and through the gift of tissue donations, countless others. Account executive Tim Lemery says, “It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of people to create this very special and meaningful display. By recognizing those who gave the gift of life, this display will bring hope and joy to countless people for years to come. I’m very proud to have been a part of this project.”

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