Exhibit Warehouse Storage

The management and protection of your exhibit assets is a top priority, which is why Creatacor provides 50,000 square feet of dedicated exhibit warehouse storage, staging and pre-show tech space, as well as gated outside storage for tour vehicles and trailers, and additional offsite storage in US and Europe.

Once in our warehouse, every exhibit component is given a unique numeric identifier. All of your crates, skids, floor coverings and graphics are barcoded and scanned for easy access and retrieval, and the status of each can be monitored using our web-based inventory management system. We also provide detailed shipping and receiving reports each time your exhibit leaves and returns to our facility.

Warehousing Services

  • 50,000 sq. ft. Storage, Staging & Pre-Show Tech Space
  • Barcoded Inventory Control System
  • Gated Outside Storage for Tour Vehicles & Trailers
  • Additional Offsite Storage in US & Europe
  • 4 Drive-in Doors for Full-Size Trailer Access
  • Monitored Security System
  • Temperature-controlled Storage
  • Sprinkler System

To find out how Creatacor’s Warehousing Services can streamline your Trade Show Program, contact us or call (800) 611-0431.

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