Show Recap: EXHIBITOR 2024

By Chuck Law

I had the privilege of attending EXHIBITORLIVE 2024 in Nashville Tennessee.  If I had to choose one word to recap the 2 day marketing event it would be LIVELY!


EXHIBITORLIVE reported a more than 20% bump in total attendance and 40% increase in buyers year over year, according to David DuBois, president and CEO of Exhibitor Group and publisher of EXHIBITOR magazine.  This was very apparent throughout the event.  From the opening reception to the exhibit hall floor to the education sessions, all were lively all the time.  After to speaking to some partners and exhibitors, it was very apparent that the buyers were here and they meant business. 


I heard many reports of marketers trying to “fit it all in” or “we love the classes but need to make sure we see the Exhibit Hall too”.  The vibe was that of a pre-covid EXHIBITORLIVE.  One of promise and hope with more of a “business as usual” tone than in recent years.  I returned to our NY office energized, optimistic and excited for our industry and Creatacor!


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